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Fairy tales come true! The only 126 kilometers to accompany the Gobi found! (Photos) had lost contact with the puppy Gobi standard photo – imagine the moment they meet again…… I will definitely tears! In the Phoenix news earlier "warm love to pass Gobi search" in the report, the Sichuan real Bingqing users @ once the message, last night, this happy moment. Almost 25 days lingdianlingfen, a highly suspected dog finally got himself and his friend Dion (Gobi lost to the former foster person) the double check — this is Gobi. WeChat group in the cheers of a lot of even the day concerned about, looking for enthusiastic users of Gobi have been touched by this moment of happiness. Happy moments, Dion and Gobi. The Phoenix News column reported this warm period "fairy tale romance" in the first month: British marathon enthusiast Dion Leonard in June this year in Xinjiang entries, occasional stray dogs Gobi, they ran the hundreds of kilometers of desert stage, forged a profound friendship. After the game, Dion decided to adopt Gobi, due to exit formalities need time, temporarily put it in foster care at home, he went to england. Who, half a month ago, unfortunately, the news of the missing Gobi. "For him, I started on Friday" had insomnia, Dion has thousands of miles away from England back to urumqi…… (see detailed report) on the road, Dion and Gobi Dion and Gobi’s story after exposure, has attracted a lot of attention from the media and friends, Phoenix News also sent to Urumqi warm with Dion to find Gobi, and yesterday live the love relay. Phoenix News broadcast "warm love relay for Gobi 24 at around 21, WeChat group received enthusiastic people Baoliao said in Urumqi, the east west air beam Garden District saw a and Gobi is very similar to the stray dogs, and bring it home. 23 am, a pedestrian arrived in the air garden district Dion verification. In the Dion and stray dogs meet the moment, live volunteer @ little bit to determine the stray dog is Gobi, I touched the conscience, it must be! People who keep dogs understand." Since Dion and Gobi have been several days, and Gobi has been wandering during this period, in order to prevent miscarriage of justice, we are waiting for the news of Dion. In an intimate interaction, Dion at 23:45 in the face of the book issued a confirmation message. But cautious, they agreed, and then lost contact with the Gobi before the adoption of the re check the spread of news. 24 at 23:59, the identity of the stray dog was double confirmed – Gobi found! Gobi identity has been confirmed since the loss of contact with Gobi, eager to find dogs spontaneously gathered action. They will receive numerous clues every day, one by one to verify the confirmation, which is also a lot of friends prank, and even some of the extortion news, are all tortured in front of enthusiastic people. They printed thousands of leaflets, couriers, sanitation workers, street vendors, said相关的主题文章: