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.puters-and-Technology Many might argue that since the introduction of emails and online marketing, facsimiles have long gone out of fashion. However, that is not the case. In almost all .panies, fax machines are used avidly in order to send documents from one place to another. Fax broadcasting can also be known as bulk faxing, which means sending a single fax to a number of different .panies. There are a number of different advantages of Fax Broadcating when .pared to other methods of .munication, as discussed below. Firstly, sending a personalized document to a .pany is a much better way of showing importance as .pared to sending an email. Most people might consider emails as a spam, but a fax cannot be considered as such. Making use of the latest technology in software & hardware in order to deliver the document with the highest possible resolution, Pipeline Media provides the ultimate fax sending service to its clients, allowing them to send a bulk fax to thousands of different .panies. Customization is a major advantage when it .es to sending a fax, as it allows you to imprint your .panys letterhead, as well as merge a virtually limitless number of fields on your document, which allows you to send faxes that are highly customized and personalized for every recipient of your fax. The best part is, unlike emails, you can get confirmation of whether your fax was received or not. Pipeline Media provides detailed reports and retries problem numbers several times until they are certain that the fax has been duly received by the other party. Fast turnaround service means that most of the jobs that you submit are up and running in less than an hour. Secondly, creating a fax broadcast campaign with Pipeline Media means that there isnt any web interface or a program that you must learn. All you have to do is send the files via an email and Pipeline will do all the handiwork for you, providing a properly drafted fax that appeals to all parties. Speed is one of their assets, as they are able to send over 500,000 faxes per hour, which also means that if you have a very large list of recipients, most of them would receive the fax at virtually the same time. Also, if you are sending a large number of faxes, you will obviously expect responses. Pipeline can provide you with a toll free number in order to receive as many faxes as possible, without anyone ever getting a busy tone! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: