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Fitness instructor qualification training and examination: from the end of chaos in the industry such as "shopping" – Beijing qualification training and examination such as "buy" a lot of coaches focus on selling the course guiding fitness industry chaos motive with the National Fitness Survey since the end of the implementation of the policy and the public health problem of concern, more and more people began to go to the gym. There is market demand, people living near the gym as blossom everywhere like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. However, with the growing popularity of the fitness market, a lot of problems are gradually exposed, which is reflected by the public is the most professional fitness trainer. How to identify fitness trainer and how to regulate and effectively regulate the fitness market around these issues, Legal Daily reporters on the fitness market in Beijing launched an investigation. Reporter trainee newspaper reporter Shuai standard 7 – reporter Lian Yingting every night to a member of the small fitness gym was packed in a variety of instruments, perspiration comes down like raindrops, a coach beside staring at members of the action. This is a gym chain in Beijing north of the city of victoria. He is in the gym fitness, but after two weeks of exercise, he decided to go to the gym. He Jing has many years of experience in running and fitness, here did not practice several times to find the problem. "The coach is not professional." He Jing told the Legal Daily reporter, I found a lot of members of the action is wrong, but the coach did not give them correct, and even some of the coach’s actions are wrong. This is too dangerous." In recent years, the fitness market is hot let many people smell the opportunity, not only can be seen everywhere in the gym, some fitness training institutions also appeared. However, whether it is the gym or coach training institutions, their professionalism is worrying. The "Legal Daily" reporter learned that these coaches most training institutions training time is short, low gold content of the certificate, and the fitness coach qualification threshold is low, there is no uniform standard, resulting in the domestic fitness industry coach level is uneven, the fitness coach qualification exam appears chaos, lack of supervision and other issues. Fitness instructor qualification training will be able to pay through the examination of the morning of September 19th, the "Legal Daily" reporters came to a gym in Beijing, Wangjing, the gym is in a relatively prosperous area, medium scale. Reporters entered the gym and found that the fitness equipment and traditional fitness equipment. Manager Wu Jiao told reporters that the shop belongs to foreign join, different from ordinary domestic gym route, "all of our system are imported from the United states". Reporters in the gym to see, a white board records the members of the training content and results every day, the coach of the day to focus on teaching members, this form is rare. For teachers, Wu Jiao told reporters that the coaches here are issued by foreign certificates, all coaches have to carry out all the technical system of training, and then to mount guard. In order to obtain the foreign Junior Certificate issued, only need two day training and examination, other times are self. Want to Yue相关的主题文章: