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]27 report: [football Rubik’s cube APP [Sampdoria football] turn from a guest into a host! Serie a recommended   Sunday 021 2016-11-27; 22:00:00 Kroto Hei VS APP: the probability of Sampdoria football cube game Kroto Hei winning 29%, the probability is 28%, the probability of Sampdoria winning 43%. SMG 3.02 3.20 2.06         SMG disc 1.97 by a hemisphere 1.96         day 3.10 3.40   2.30   1   second Crotone last season in Serie B, in Serie A this season is the number one hot first countdown, downgrade. The 2 sides in Serie B played nearly 6 times, 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative Crotone, unbeaten rate 66.7%. 3 games are only 9.4 Sampdoria Golf tops success, at least in Serie A. The strength of 1 Serie A teams play Sampdoria, season fifteenth, season eleventh. 2 is the first of the season against Sampdoria case points more than second serie a team (8 points). Only 41.2% of the 3 season Crotone ball, first Serie A low strength, yunan. 1 in all competitions Sampdoria nearly 10 away 1 wins 3 flat 6 negative winning only 10%, averaging a net negative 1.3 goals away, very bad. 2 Crotone 6 this season in Serie A home court, 5 field goals, the attack can be. The state of injury 1 Sampdoria nearly 5 rounds wins 1 flat 3 negative 1 winning percentage of 60%, the last round of 3 to 2 home court realization comeback for Sassolo. 2 Crotone 2 Serie A defeats to Turin and eightieth minutes after the last round of stalemate last time, opponents scored 2 goals to lose home court.     William Hill, the mainstream company to give 3.10 to the beginning of the game, the history of the odds with the next 8 games in Serie A, the home team of 3 wins and 2 draws and 3 losses of less than 62.5% of the rate of 2.30 in the first half of the game, the first half of the game. The SMG lottery data disc chupan is generally given to guest Let half a high water, having upper level slightly, Europe refers to the common instant guest wins compensate remained at around 2.20, there is no obvious abnormality. Mark Roto Hei was promoted last season in Serie B runner up, but this season in Serie A is the worst, has become the number one popular. But from the point of view of both sides in Serie B clash, played nearly 6 times, 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative Crotone, unbeaten rate 66.7%. Kroto Hei is the 3 newly promoted Serie A in the least experience of the team, the team also does not have what special attention star; Sampdoria this season is more general, but fortunately the recent state rebounded, the team striker Muriel and Quagliarella is still very competitive, the two together have contributed 10 league goals. The two teams are not particularly important injury, Brazil Crotone defender Claiton (Season 8) for slightly larger effect, no release相关的主题文章: