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From the cloud feel the same Shenzhen – Sohu travel Shenzhen, has been a strange and familiar city for me. Familiar because often fly from Hongkong to foreign countries, the need for access to Shenzhen. Strange is that over the years, although often go, never look at the city. Shenzhen, located in the southern Chinese nickname Pengcheng beach, adjacent to Hongkong, is also the first special economic zone Chinese of reform and opening up, the whole city is full of modern atmosphere. Which is located in central Shenzhen Futian District, is the center of Shenzhen City, the municipal government is located, with the central business district of Shenzhen, Shenzhen is the administrative, cultural, financial, information and international exhibition center. Fukuda can see the most modern side of Shenzhen. In Futian District, choose a place overlooking the center of Shenzhen, a good taste of the city from day to night of peace and prosperity. Located in the Futian central business district Jintian road of the imperial court and the V Hotel, just across the way of Shenzhen Exhibition Center, adjacent to the civic center. Hotel floor is located in the 26 story -54 layer, is a typical air Hotel, so from the hotel room, you can look down on the Shenzhen CBD business circle. The hotel takes the fashion as the theme, the decoration style modern Avant courier, the design melts the nature and the art in a body, according to five star standard investment to create the Shenzhen first fashion unique, the artistic conception is the theme hotel. This extraordinary suite live, the hotel is located in the west of the room, an area of about 75 square meters, with a real design, the overall style of the decoration in the room with a warm and elegant. The room has a separate living room with a separate bathroom, television and other guest room facilities. The hotel is very close, in the window and placed a comfortable sofa bed, the hotel is located in Shenzhen Futian CBD core area of 50 thousand square meters, gathered a large shopping center, the Imperial Court Square, COCOPARK, city center square, and many other international high-end consumer sites, so near the high-rise buildings, from the window of the room can enjoy the bustling side of Shenzhen. The room has independent living room, with a separate bathroom facilities, TV room, living room with a table, sitting sofa table, meet the accommodation and office of privacy. In the later Edo cuisine big cloud enjoy delicacy hotel is located in the 53 layer of Japan, this restaurant and Tokyo’s largest aquatic products wholesale market Tsukiji market inside is very famous "oedo" shop name, presumably produced some good. The restaurant environment elegant quiet, surrounded by the door on both sides of the path of bamboo. From the dining room window can watch the beauty of the city. Cook in a clean and hygienic open kitchen to prepare the authentic Japanese cuisine. The love here by the fish meal, fish fat fresh, mustard and Japanese soy sauce will reconcile after poured into the meat, stirring after eating, very delicious. Located in the hotel on the 26 floor of the VCafé full time restaurant, restaurant refined, rich dishes, can meet the needs of different tastes. Lobster and foie gras tastes great. In addition, this very special restaurant decoration style, the restaurant walls filled with red wine, people like to dine in a huge cellar. Is located on the 54 floor of the hotel.相关的主题文章: