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Fujian proposed legislation for the protection of wetlands will implement the ecological red control – China news agency new network Fuzhou on 30 September, (Long Min) Fujian is one of the most abundant wetland resources in China coastal provinces, according to historical records, the history of the wetland area of about 2000000 hectares. However, with the development of economy and society, the contradiction between the utilization and protection of wetland in Fujian is becoming more and more obvious. The existing natural wetland is only about 13 of the history. Wetland protection from the rising voices. 30, the Fujian provincial wetland protection regulations (draft amendment of the two draft) submitted to the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-fifth meeting. Fujian Provincial People’s Congress law committee member Lin Yufen pointed out that the draft clearly defines the scope of wetland, rationalize the management mechanism, set up the total control, list management and classification protection system, with strong pertinence and operability. In August this year, Fujian was established as a national ecological civilization pilot area, the first to carry out comprehensive reform of ecological civilization. Forestry experts believe that the wetland is not only an important ecological system, but also a precious natural resources, the protection of wetlands is one of the important content of the construction of the national ecological civilization pilot area of. The draft revised draft clear, Fujian wetland ecological red line control system will be implemented. The important wetlands included in the wetland ecological red line and general wetland, should ensure that the area is not reduced, does not change the nature, function is not degraded. For wetland conservation planning and inventory management, the draft amendment provides that wetlands are divided into important wetlands and wetlands in general, the implementation of directory management, classified protection. Among them, the important wetlands, including important wetlands and wetlands. In the aspect of wetland protection measures, the draft from the wetland water use and management of wetlands within the scope of prohibited behavior, strictly control the wetland utilization activities in three aspects, expressly prohibited in wetlands within the scope of bad behavior, including mining, sand (stone), soil, removing turf or construction of buildings. The protection of mangroves, the draft also made special provisions, requires governments at all levels in Fujian coastal areas should take measures to protect and restore the mangrove wetland in the prohibition of transplantation, illegal logging, harvesting of mangroves, or otherwise damaged mangroves. For the purposes of scientific research, medicine or renewal, transformation, tending, etc., transplanting, cutting and picking mangrove forests shall be examined and approved in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. (end)相关的主题文章: