Gansu County, Kangle announced the death of four children of the mother of a preliminary

The mother killed four children of criminal preliminary investigation results – Sohu news Beijing Lanzhou in September 9, Kangle County announced Gansu (reporter Cui Lin) the evening of 8, the Information Office of the Gansu Linxia Kangle county government announced the local Jing Gu Zhen Gu Shan Cun, master Bay agency mother killed four children the preliminary findings of criminal cases. At 20:30 on August 26, 2016 Xu, Kangle County Public Security Bureau scenic town police station received a warning from the jurisdiction of the masses, a village in the village of sin Gu Bay, a farmer’s home 5 people were poisoned, of which 2 people have died. Jing Gu police station after the alarm call 120 emergency rescue organizations in the center of the County Public Security Bureau at the same time, the mobilization of police rushed to the scene investigation and evidence gathering. At the same time, after the case escalation, state and county attaches great importance to immediately send the county leaders to lead the public security, health and township is mainly responsible for people rushed to the scene to rescue the injured, to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the case. After the scene investigation, traces of material identification, forensic autopsy, police investigators in-depth investigation, initially identified as a serious criminal case. In August 26, 2016 18 PM, Yang Gailan in the house after a path with an ax to his 4 children: Yang Moufan (female, 6 years old, due to blunt objects head caused by head injury), Yang Mouli (5 years old, female role, due to the death of brain injury, caused by blunt objects head rupture of liver accelerate death), Yang Mouqing (male, 5 years old, due to blunt objects head caused by head injury) for the twins, Yang Moufu (3 years old, female role, due to the death of brain injury, caused by blunt objects head liver rupture accelerate death) after injury pesticides Dutch act. Among them, Yang Mouli Yang Moufu died on the spot, Yang Mouqing died on the way to the hospital, Yang Moufan, Yang change orchid was sent to the county hospital, Yang Moufan died in the evening of 12, Yang change orchid transferred to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University for treatment, on the 29 day at 0:55 in the morning (2, death death Department 4-D butylate poisoning death). Yang Gailan and other 5 people have died after the county, town and village cadres, village organization to help the people Li Mouying (Yang Gailan husband and son-in-law) properly buried the dead. To Li Mouying County, town and village cadres specialized door-to-door appease condolences and psychological counseling, Li Mouying’s emotional stability, but eighth days after the incident in September 4th, Li Mouying found a corpse in the Gu Shan Cun woods, the investigation department of the public security organs died. Subsequently, the county, town, village cadres to organize the villagers were properly buried. Currently, the case is still under investigation. Author: Cui Lin相关的主题文章: