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Granny in the double chromosphere 7 million 240 thousand calm a week did not forget to donate the prize – Sohu last week, in the double chromosphere two consecutive (2016122 and 2016123) in the lottery, the Chongqing lottery jackpot 3 achieved a total harvest 7 million 240 thousand, Jiangbei combo, Hechuan 7 million 240 thousand and Fengdu 1000 Manzo note award. The day before, the two winner has appeared, on the morning of 25, city welfare center and finally to the last winner — Jiangbei District 7 million 240 thousand winner Shang Popo (last name).   Chongqing City Welfare Center staff to show the winning lottery calm one week before awarding the winner of three appeared in, is the earliest Mother learned that his winning lottery, home away from the place recently, but the latest appeared to accept the award — she opened a week later came to the city welfare center in Grand prix. "I saw the newspaper on the morning of 20 and found myself winning the lottery, and immediately called his son. He called me on the phone not to be excited and excited. This is not cool for several days to pay." The more than and 60 year old is she said, his family has been his wife subscribe, is a habit of reading newspapers every morning, that day, they are from the newspaper confirmed his winning message. The first time to call his son son of the Annunciation, but worried about her age, hypertension maybe excited again, and told her not to get excited, rest at home for two days to calm down the mood to lottery. "She donated 50 thousand funding for poor students to buy double chromosphere has more than 10 years, the basic period does not fall, like a compulsion. What if a lottery ticket to the lottery day evening have not bought, she pinched point to go out and buy." Still his wife’s wife to the author Tucao road. In October 18th, it is the color ball lottery day. In the afternoon, while his wife at home to do dinner, but also to go out to buy a lottery mother. According to several decades of habits, a first choice, and then choose two injection machines, spend a total of 6 dollars. "This is a note of the number of years, is the birthday of our family number combination. Some people say that as long as we can wait until the maintenance of the number out, it was also said that the winner by luck. So I want to try, which method is the most reliable." She said, in fact, bought so many years, the small prize in countless, but never expect too much will come to her head. The lottery results were announced, is mother machine selected note number one hit the first prize, a bonus of 7 million 240 thousand yuan. The day before yesterday, which is mother donated 50 thousand yuan bonus, welfare lottery for student.相关的主题文章: