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Arts-and-Entertainment With everything else going green and the need to make sure that everyone is doing their part when it .es to recycling and conserving, it should .e as no surprise that many designers are not going green and using recycled materials to make their jewelry. In addition, sustainable metals as well as gems have consumed Hollywood and many have turned to designers that are more .mitted to helping preserve the earth’s resources. In order to .pete, even the big designers are looking for ways to use recycled materials so that they too can tout that their jewelry pieces are "green." While there are some designer jewelry .panies that only sell "green" pieces, there are others that are implementing items into their extensive product line. Just what makes a piece of jewelry "green"? If the materials such as the metals are used are from recycled sources and diamonds that are collected ethically rather than mining and the effects this can have on the planet. Everything seems to be about how to help and converse planet earth and while conservationists are thrilled, others find that the price of these "green" products is quite expensive. While there is a slight increase in the price, it is because it is something new and like anything else when it hits the market, it is always more expensive until it has time to perfect in the making process and others begin following suit. When this happens the price begins to drop and then it is more affordable, but many people are leery of the entire "green" theory as it relates to designer jewelry because these are pieces that will last a lifetime and therefore, are not likely to end up in the landfills. On the other hand, the material used to make the new jewelry when it is used from recycled sources does help the earth overall. Are jewelry designers concerned with the condition of the earth or are they respond to consumer demands? There is no way to really know for sure, but of course, if you have a favorite designer that is going green, it does impress you and makes you even more apt to buy from them in the future. Therefore, you can expect to see more designers announcing a "green line" or that they are making their new pieces with recycled sources. When something is important to the general population, businesses, including designers have to take such issues into consideration because if they do not, they can be easy left on the sidelines. People all over the world have been warned of global warming and how recycling can help play a role in conserving the earth’s resources. Many consumers believe that if they are expected to recycle than designer jewelry makers should have the same expectations held to them. Many have responded and will continue to do so in a way to keep their following that many designers have worked very hard to keep over the years with the many new designs that have .e out on the market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: