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Guangzhou one-child parents of men over 60 women over 55 per person per month award 150 yuan Nanfang Daily   (reporter Chang Daoli) 18 reporters from the Guangzhou municipal government official website was informed that the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Office issued the day before the parents "family planning incentives only children in Guangzhou city" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). "Measures" provides that since January 1, 2017, in line with the conditions of the award of the one-child parents in Guangzhou household registration, payment of 150 yuan per person per month one-child family planning incentives. The measures are valid for 5 years. According to the "measures", in December 31, 2015 before birth (including adoption in accordance with the law, the same below) of children, men over 60 years of age, women over 55 years of age (hereinafter referred to as the "age"), with permanent residents of the city are one of the following conditions may apply for a bonus: with the family planning policy for life only the birth of a child (the child no siblings or half, half brothers and sisters) couples not only in marriage; lifelong fertility legally adopted a child of the couple. Note that if in January 1, 2016 after the birth, even have only one child in their lifetime couples are not eligible for, since January 1, 2016, "two children" release, so no longer enjoy the one-child parents incentive policy. In addition, if you are divorced or widowed to family, can also apply for grants. According to the "measures" to suit the conditions, changes in marital status did not remarry re birth of the party; no children before marriage, remarriage after the birth of a child and no dependency relationship and children form a party; life did not have children, remarried with a stepchild to form a dependency relationship; remarriage in line with the policy of only the birth of a child, no re birth of the couple remarried; both in January 1, 1933 after the birth, in line with the policy of family had two or more children, children and other children survived only in death before the birth of children couples. According to the measures, in line with the above conditions of the couple, according to the standard of 150 yuan per person per month payment of bonuses. Reward objects in the application of minimum living security, low-income families identified, medical assistance and other social assistance, the bonus is not included in their family income. The city’s financial personnel incentive funds supply channels in accordance with the municipal and district financial burden were solved; other personnel incentive funds required according to the domicile by the municipal and district level two in accordance with the provisions of the financial system of financial ratio. Only child parents reward according to the application. Reward object mobility inconvenience, you can make an appointment to the first instance. The object can be submitted to the first instance within 2 months of age, and may also be declared on the website of the municipal health and family planning commission. If the application is made in advance, the applicant shall submit the materials to the preliminary examination unit within 7 working days after the preliminary declaration, and handle the formalities for acceptance; if the application is not handled within the prescribed time limit, the preliminary examination unit may terminate the application. If the pre declaration is terminated, the reward object shall be re declared. "Measures" also provides that one of the following objects of reward, bonus payments to the circumstances of the month: re birth (including adoption law 7)相关的主题文章: