Guangzhou plans to build the Pearl River Delta in the next five years an hour traffic circle crycry

Guangzhou is planning the next five years built into the Pearl River Delta one hour traffic circle – Beijing, China News Agency, Guangzhou, September 19 (Wang Hua Wu Biying) Guangzhou municipal government issued 19 of the city’s traffic planning in 13th Five-Year, presented in the next five years, the basic form of "with Guangzhou as the center of the Pearl River Delta one hour traffic circle". According to the Guangzhou municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "Guangzhou comprehensive transportation development thirteenth five year plan", to the end of 2020, Guangzhou will build a comprehensive transportation system, accessible, convenient quality, green and safe ". Transportation service demonstration city and transit city create comprehensive international integrated transport hub, to build international city; comprehensive transport hub system, integrated development of regional transportation system, the quality of the public transport service system, the refinement of the traffic management system. The plan pointed out that to further consolidate the Guangzhou railway hub, formed with Guangzhou as the center of the Pearl River delta 1 hour traffic circle; improve the highway network, the basic form of "main skeleton ring fifteen line"; the opening of the subway mileage over 520 kilometers. The plan also proposed to improve the regional high expressway network, with Guangzhou as the center of the perfect logistics infrastructure construction, with the help of "Internet plus big data and promote traffic information resources effectively, promote the fusion of green traffic and transportation construction task eight. (end)相关的主题文章: