Guizhou rectification of advertisement the street changed society

Guizhou: rectification of advertisement   the street changed society International TV chairman and President Li Yan this year is the third visit to Guizhou, regardless of the city streets or village road, more fresh and clean environment to let her find everything fresh and new: "along the highway can not see billboards out of order, the township streets are on the wall the slogan, carry forward the traditional virtues of the story." In recent years, whether tourists or local residents, change the environment of Guizhou is keenly aware of. And all this thanks to the Guizhou standard of outdoor advertisement appears, carry out and strengthen the public service advertising special rectification actions. "The floor, the walls, the poles, they’re all over the place." Aunt Wu, who lives in Guiyang complained, before walking in the streets, a variety of small ads will always jump into the line of sight, annoying. Small ads effects can be more than the appearance of the city, its content is more difficult to distinguish between true and false, there are many spam or even illegal information. "Said the small ads, I feel angry!" One day in July this year, the residents found that the home of the pool blocked, at the door of the small ads posted a phone call. Maintenance personnel quickly came to the home, clean up more than 1 hours, blocking the situation slightly improved, the maintenance staff received a maintenance fee of 160 yuan left. At noon, when Mr. Wan cook found pool is blocked, so he can call again, each other in a very busy recently by repeatedly prevarication. Later water blocking sewage overflowing, Mr. Wan had to clear the company to find a normal will solve the problem. Man Songtao Miao Autonomous County Yang small ads pit more miserable. He saw a small ad "beautiful young woman heavily praying on poles, in the trick, has 15 times to the designated account remittances. Then know cheated 100 thousand yuan to daliaoshuipiao. For the remediation of small ads chaos, 2015, Guizhou carry out special operations, strong regulation of false, illegal, indecent outdoor advertising. As of now, a total removal of all kinds of illegal, false, indecent 450 thousand pieces of outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising 110 thousand new concept of the establishment of large-scale socialist core value, strong spread positive energy society, create a good social atmosphere. Anshun city adopted market-oriented mode of operation, to clean up the outdoor advertising work by a professional cleaning company to complete, and 18 pieces of information provided on the main road in the city issued a bar, but also to the company responsible for the management of. Zhang Wenkai said the people, before the public release of advertising demand, but have no fixed place, where only conspicuous posted on what, "I often blame the low quality, but also helpless, now have a more convenient release bar." In addition to the governance of "wild outdoor advertising" new tactics, Anshun economic development zone also promote sanitation market reform, the original government support of the sanitation workers into the enterprise management, the workload evaluation reward, reversing the situation of sanitation workers eat. Bright color cleaning service company employees Chen Guiming said that no matter how much the original, do good or bad, wages are 1600 yuan, and now the implementation of performance appraisal, do a good job to get $2500 per month. The new reform of the establishment of cleaning services by the government to buy the community相关的主题文章: