Harbin old Jiangqiao opens the glass plank road today to see Songhua River-ca1806

Harbin "old Jiangqiao" today open glass cliff perspective on Songhua River 8, reporters from the Harbin municipal and Rural Construction Committee was informed that today following the Middle East Railway Park, Jiangnan Jiangbei section and water park has been open to public, the former Binzhou railway line, the Songhua River bridge has been completed bridge reinforcement, derusting, painting, deck the main construction, open for the public. After the project is completed, will be formed along the Yangtze River, Jiangbei landscape leisure sightseeing zone, improve the living environment of the surrounding residents, and provide recreational space for visitors. In late August, Binzhou Songhua River line railway bridge renovation project to start construction, the original plan of 11 at the end of the completion of the project put into use. In order to meet the needs of residents on both sides of the Songhua River traffic, especially convenient Jiangbei people sooner or later travel, after the builders of organization, their scientific co-ordination orderly construction, the bridge reinforcement, derusting, painting, etc. the main deck pavement construction has been completed, especially for the display of the original line of Binzhou railway bridge across Songhua River hundred years of history and culture, in accordance with the planning and design the bridge deck is set up, in 3, 24 meters wide and 3 meters of toughened glass hollow glass can be through the exhibition area, style and river directly overlooking the track, sleeper and steel bridge, the middle East Railway park has become a beautiful scenery line. Today, under the premise of ensuring the safe passage under the original line of Binzhou railway bridge across Songhua River officially open for the public in advance. At present, the project is finishing engineering construction, the main lighting lighting construction step. According to reports, the Harbin Railway Museum Park and the surrounding environment comprehensive improvement project always follow the "rail? Design concept track", to the Binzhou railway bridge and railway buildings protection by Middle East as the focus, through the transformation of abandoned railway space reconstruction and expansion, the formation of green space system is connected with the south, north, to build the city the cultural landscape corridors, green slow fitness line and Middle East Railway Cultural Exhibition zone. The South Forest street, along the former railway line through the high street, River Road, Binzhou railway bridge to garrison Road, a total length of 3.5 kilometers, the total land area of about 140 thousand square meters, the construction of the Railway Museum, green square and parking lot, and the Binzhou railway bridge reconstruction for pedestrian bridge, building green slow system. The Middle East Park after the completion of the railway, can fully tap the city historical and cultural connotation, let the public understand the Middle East Railway History and improve people’s lives, enhance the taste of the city, the development of Railway Cultural tourism. It can provide large public places in the landscape, leisure, fitness, entertainment and other functions for the general public. Reporter Gao Hongfei.

哈尔滨“老江桥”今日开放 玻璃栈道透视松花江   8日,记者从哈尔滨市城乡建设委员会获悉,继中东铁路公园江南段、江北段及水上公园相继面向社会公众开放后,今日,原滨州线松花江铁路大桥已完成桥体加固、除锈、涂装、桥面铺装等主体施工,面向市民开放。工程完工后,沿线将形成江南、江北景观休闲游览观光带,改善周边居民生活环境,并为游人提供良好的休闲娱乐空间。   8月下旬,滨州线松花江铁路大桥修缮工程于开工建设,原计划11月末工程竣工投入使用。为满足松花江两岸居民通行需求,尤其是方便江北市民早晚出行,经过建设者们科学组织、统筹协调地有序施工,目前已完成桥体加固、除锈、涂装、桥面铺装等主体施工,特别是为展示原滨州线松花江铁路大桥百年历史文化,按照规划设计方案,在桥面铺装时设置了3处长24米、宽3米的钢化玻璃透空展示区,透过玻璃可直接俯瞰下面的铁轨、枕木、钢梁等原桥风貌及江面,成为了中东铁路公园一道亮丽的风景线。   今日, 在保证安全通行的前提下,原滨州线松花江铁路大桥提前正式面向市民开放。目前该工程正在进行收尾工程施工,下步主要进行灯饰亮化施工。   据介绍,哈尔滨铁路博物馆公园及周边环境综合整治项目始终遵循“轨?迹”的设计理念,以滨洲铁路桥及中东铁路建筑群的保护利用为重点,通过对废弃铁路空间的转型、拓展与重构,形成连接江南、江北的绿色空间系统,打造城市景观文化廊、绿色慢行健身线和中东铁路文化展示带。   该工程南起森林街,沿原铁路线经大新街、江畔路、滨州铁路桥至警备路,全长3.5公里,总用地面积约14万平方米,沿线建设铁路博物馆、绿地广场和停车场,并将滨州铁路桥改造为步行桥,打造绿色慢行系统。   中东铁路公园建成后,既可以充分挖掘城市历史文化内涵,让市民了解中东铁路历史、改善人民生活、提升城市品位、发展铁路文化特色旅游。又可以为广大市民提供集景观、休闲、健身、娱乐等多功能为一体的大型公益场所。   □记者 高宏菲相关的主题文章: