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Dental-Care Teeth whitening treatment is probably one of the most .mon of dental treatments that people visit the dental care centers for. Over time, you might be losing your natural tooth color. It is not only the age that affects the causes this darkening butyour habits are going to play an important role too. You are going to have yellow teeth if you are a regular smoker. Stay away from dark liquids if you want to prevent yourself getting this treatment out of necessity. However, once you lose the color, you cannot get rid of it in one go. In fact this treatment is going to be repetitive if you wish to keep the bright smile. Procedure: The teeth are covered with enamel which gives the color of the teeth when lights hit the enamel layer. The thicker the enamel, the better is the color of the teeth. The most .mon way of teeth whitening is to try and bleach the enamel so that the dark color and stains fade away. This treatment is often provided by people who are not even dentists, because there is no science involved. The bleaches have the carbazide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide content in them. These lightly concentrated chemicals make the stains go away by getting inside the enamel and reaching the dentin. However, the medical history looked at and suitability for such a treatment is made sure so that the risk of having a side effect is at the minimum. For those teeth, which have been cut off from supply of nutrients, internal bleaching method is used. Here, the teeth are mostly discolored from the inside, hence internal bleaching is required for treatment. A hole is made inside the pulp chamber and the chemicals are applied so that they can work on the inside of the tooth. However, this is repetitive, and the bleaching content might need to be changed after a few weeks if deemed necessary. Other treatments involve the use of teeth whitening toothpastes and gels. These are the treatments done at home. Risks: A person who has had a teeth whitening treatment is vulnerable to risks. These include the extra ordinary and painful feeling of hot or cold for the treated teeth. This is called hypersensitivity. In case, hydrogen peroxide is used, most problems are those of irritations on the membrane called mucous. The tissues might burn due to the use of chemical contents. The teeth lose the color within a week or so due to the hydration and dehydration process. One major problem is that people run the risk of damaging their teeth enamel in the process of teeth whitening. Cost: The cost of teeth whitening is heavy. In Australia they cost more than a $100 usually. The costs vary according to the kind of treatment that a person wants to get. It also depends on the depth of the problem that a person is facing. The costs may rise to more than $1050 and that is why this treatment can be easily called expensive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: