Heilongjiang Province, a slight reduction in milk production of dairy cattle milk prices reference p-winsockfix

Heilongjiang province cattle milk production increased slightly reduced the transaction reference price of fresh milk in Harbin October 9th Xinhua News (reporter Cheng Zilong) Heilongjiang province dairy industry recently started small price adjustment: fresh milk transaction reference high in 2016 fourth quarter trading reference price in the quasi price 3.30 yuan a kilogram, a minimum of not less than 2.90 Yuan kg. The price of dairy enterprises to dairy farmers clearing price. Reporters learned that, in the fourth quarter of Heilongjiang province fresh milk trading price per kilogram is not only higher than the third quarter rose $0.05, higher than the same period in 2015 was $0.03. But the industry analysis, the transaction price is up, and does not indicate that the situation of the dairy industry to pick up, but due to seasonal reasons, the fourth quarter of Heilongjiang dairy milk production slightly reduced, milk quality has improved. Heilongjiang province is China’s dairy, dairy herds at present more than 1 million 900 thousand years, producing more than 5 million 700 thousand tons of fresh milk. In 2010, Heilongjiang province took the lead in the implementation of the pricing mechanism of purchase and sale transactions of raw milk reference price and government guidance combined by the province in the country, the price of raw milk on the basis of the Coordination Committee of the provinces to determine the overall price of raw milk.相关的主题文章: