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UnCategorized Acne solutions .e in different forms; they can be topical ointments, laser therapies, oral medications and even personally-mixed solutions. Some people though, are just not keen on using anything on their face that has any chemical in it. Instead, they prefer to use natural solutions mixed from herbs and other plants. Although most acne solutions that are available right now are generally effective, using natural products is still the favored solution of some individuals who suffer from pimples. For some, anything that has been artificially or technologically manufactured is just not for them. To let you in on what herbs or plants are .monly used by such individuals, here is a partial list. 1. Aloe vera. The most popular natural skin-care plant is this one. Not only has it been touted as good for the skin, it has also been used to cure dandruff and to maintain healthy, glowing hair. When it .es to the skin, Aloe vera is one of the most popular options for herbal cure lovers. The sap of this plant is applied to the pimple and is said to be effective in reducing inflammation. 2. Nettle tea. Allegedly one of the best promoters of healthy skin. Drinking three cups of nettle tea each day is said to be effective in keeping the skin clear and smooth and free of pimples. Some tea-drinking enthusiasts even asserted that the reason Chinese women have beautiful skin is because they drink a lot of tea. Although this claim about Chinese skin is not scientifically proven, the health benefits of tea are still numerous and it is definitely a better option than coffee if you’re looking for a relaxing drink. 3. Cucumber. This is another plant .monly associated with healthy skin. This might be due to the rich vitamin A it contains and the soothing effect it has on the skin. Aside from being touted as an acne cure, cucumber is also used to reduce the dark rings under the eyes caused by lack of sleep. The juice or the liquid content of cucumber is said to be good at reducing inflammation and is reportedly effective in soothing and softening the skin. 4. Garlic. A lot of people have vouched for its effectiveness when it .es to curing pimples. Garlic’s popularity as an acne cure might be due to the .pounds it contains that inhibit the enzymes that cause inflammation. Garlic is also known as an anti-viral and an anti-bacterial solution. Applying garlic on your zits is said to be an effective overnight pimple cure. 5. Papaya. The fruit is a favorite among acne sufferers not only because of its effectiveness, but also because it is one of the natural solutions that has a pleasant smell. The fruit can be applied directly to the pimples or can be used as a facial mask. Whichever way one prefers to use it, papaya is believed to be effective not only in battling pimples, but also in making skin soft and supple. Acne solutions based on herbs, fruits and other plants are said to be the safest way to cure pimples. According to proponents of natural cures, the fact that they have no artificial ingredients and that most of them are used as food can only mean that they can do more good than harm. Whether you prefer to address your acne problem using natural cures or not, a visit to the dermatologist is still the best way to determine the best option for your condition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: