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Martial-Arts Maybe you remember that great scene in Enter the Dragon where the bad guy asks ‘What’s yer style’ of Bruce Lee? As over the top as that statement appears, it points up the differences of arts, and how confusing such a thing as lineage can be. In no art is this as true as in the art of Kenpo. There are people who think Ed Parker created the style of Kenpo, but he actually only popularized it. And, to be truthful, he more than likely added to the confusion of that art. He created five different versions, and he drew from Karate and Kung Fu and whatever happened to be in his thoughts that day. Kenpo got its start in the nation of Japan. There is some confusion as to the correct spelling of the term, some people say it is Kenpo, and some say Kempo. Kenpo, however, usually points to martial arts having roots in China, and Kempo points to the more Japanese oriented styles. There is confusion in this matter as there is not agreement. Further, there is not always common history. That said, Kenpo, although commonly understood to mean ‘Fist Law,’ is actually ‘Quanfa,’ which means Kung Fu. The main types of the Kenpo in the USA stem from Master James Mitose. Master Mitose is sometimes a controversial figure, for in his later life he was tried and convicted of murder and extortion. He served his prison sentence in Folsom Prison. Mr. Mitose was the instructor of William Chow, who taught Edmund Parker. Master Parker, as has been noted, popularized the art of Kenpo. People who studied with Mr. Chow also include Adriano Emperado, Ralph Castro, Sam Kuaho, and many others. Names of the arts taught by these people (and others) include Shaolin Kenpo, Kajukenpo, American Kenpo, Kara-Ho Kempo, and many other systems. There are a legion of secondary students who were taught by these people. Kenpo has also continued to grow conceptually, drawing from many other arts for forms, applications, and so on. Though Kenpo grew fast, and though the lineage is sometimes difficult to follow, as is the art itself, there is much value in it. Many people get their start in the convenient ‘Strip Mall Dojos,’ and then continue their studies elsewhere. Still, to define the true kenpo, and to list the roots and influences that resulted in it can be a daunting task. About the Author: – – – – – – – It is often used for thin documents where the pages are stapled in the center. Plus, I now had copies of newspaper clippings and photographs to store. My weblog … binder rings [just click the up comin … – – – Get your body in shape with boxing and gymnastics Boxing for fitness is becoming one of the best forms of exercise because it does a great job in getting in shape and strengthens many different muscles of your … 相关的主题文章: