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Hiccups and fetal pregnant mother don’t innocently tell yo! Sohu and maternal fetal pregnant mother don’t burp innocently tell yo! In 4, 5 months, mothers would feel fetal movement, with the increase in pregnancy, about 28 weeks later, the mother will have another magical experience — fetal hiccups. Many pregnant mother hesitated, what is the hiccups? The fetus will eat a lot of hiccups? How to distinguish between hiccups and fetal movement and fetal hiccups? Many pregnant mammy "silly" fenbuqingchu. In general, 16~20 weeks pregnant women menopause can feel abdominal micro movement, with the progression of pregnancy, fetal times will become more and more frequent, until the late trimester of pregnancy in the bowl. The fetus hiccups, generally from about 28 weeks to start. The mother share the experience @ pig you run fast: in the beginning, do not know is burp, thought is the movement. Fetal hiccups will be very regular, and the location is basically the same! It is not the same, the East about the west, no regularity. @ sun baby: hiccups like the adults that move to continuous half a minute or a few minutes! Movement, a few times like that! You will feel that wonderful. @ brown sugar ginger tea: when I got pregnant, the baby burp are regular animals, a strong sense of rhythm, but not what the movement rhythm. Many mothers feel confused as to how to distinguish whether the stomach movement is in the birth of the baby burp, or movement. What are the characteristics of the movement and the hiccups? How to distinguish? Let’s count to. Hiccup when the baby burp, you will feel a regular move, every 2-3 seconds, each time for 2-5 minutes, and sometimes some of the president, in about 10-20 minutes. This movement is a jump, like a heartbeat. The mother felt in the local beat, hands will feel a play, very regular. Your baby burp is a normal phenomenon, like adult breathing, because the baby’s lungs are not yet fully developed, so the need to continue to practice the lungs breathing swallowing amniotic fluid, so as to prepare for normal breathing after birth. Therefore, the baby hiccup is actually a way to improve the respiratory capacity of the lungs, so the mother does not need to worry about. Fetal movement occurred mainly in the middle lower abdomen, the mother will have several different feeling, such as rolling, pulling the feeling, when the baby’s body in rotation around the duration is longer, usually in 3-30 seconds; and sometimes, feel your baby in the belly kicking or beating, it may be your baby is stomach exercise usually lasts 1-15 seconds cuff and kick,; at other times, the mother may feel your baby crawling slowly trembling. Usually, one day there will be two fetal activity peak, once in the morning 7-9, another is from 11 pm to second days at 1 a.m.. The medical name for "hiccup hiccup". If the adult is cold stimulation, meal, eating too fast, eating dry food, is likely to be a temporary hiccup. By the end of the 28 week of pregnancy, the fetus will.相关的主题文章: