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Arts-and-Entertainment Here is a case study of a home based business I have helped. It is written with the permission of my client and he has agreed to verify this account to anyone who inquires. It started with connecting with a gentleman who had a desire since childhood. We went through the qualifying process of answering questions about how strong he felt about seeing his dream .e true and did he value his dream enough to have put aside any funding. After listening to his idea of bringing a professional show to the residents of adult retirement .munities we researched if it was already being done. Discovering that a lot of talent already provided activity directors with a variety of shows for their residents we decided to contact several in his immediate area and asked a few questions about the quality of the performances. The overwhelming response was an eye opener and gave my client exactly what he needed to separate himself from the .petition professionalism. It just so happened it was his passion. Next I started to draw upon my clients past work experience because, in most cases, I have discovered that people work in the arena of their passion. They give to others in desperation to keep their own passionate flame burning. In this case he work in broadcasting as an announcer and DJ for over 35 years. He knew what songs were most famous, how to arrange those song, and had stories to introduce them. He then started to create a one hour show. One of the most important aspects that inspired me to help him was his .mitment to his dream. Through the years he had kept developing his performing talent as a singer and guitarist. He had practiced on a regular basis and performed publicly throughout his career. He had valued his passion so much that he did whatever it took to see that dream .e true. That meant learning new strategies, investing in self-improvement and over.ing certain fears that might otherwise hold him back. From the start he finished every assignment and attended every teleconference we scheduled. The process wasnt always smooth but there was always progress. Failures turned into learning experiences and struggles became focal points to over.e. The crowning action that made it all possible was immediately starting a home based business that allowed him to acquire the money and time freedom to ac.plish his passion. Nothing happens without the finances to make it happen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: