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How do you name Chinese tea, you know? Sohu eat and drink now the name of Chinese tea, but also the use of origin + variety = tea name formula. Like in front of Longjing, West Lake will add two words. Mao Feng in front, it is "Mount Huangshan" two words. Buy Tieguanyin, be sure to say "Anxi" or "taipei". Origin, on the one hand is to indicate the source. But what is more important is to increase the authenticity and quality of the tea. Take Longjing for example, must be "West Lake Longjing" can buy thousands of astronomical. With the Zhejiang production of "Buddha Longjing", the price is only four hundred or five hundred yuan a catty. Because the price is different, so many Xinchang produced "Buddha Longjing" when the "West Lake Longjing Tea" to sell. For a trademark, the price can be turned over several times. This has become an open secret. But through this matter, it is not difficult to see that consumers buy tea very recognized origin. Tea were not seen "tea", but that is closely related to the ingrained tea production and quality. The aesthetic standard should pay attention to the origin of tea, "tea is · eight of the" first proposed. Thus, "tea" has a subtle influence on China tea culture. It is generally believed that the quality of tea is determined by three factors, namely, varieties, regions and processes. See comparison, these three factors are similar between three. Among them, the variety is the day, the region is the ground, the craft is a person. If it is more important to say the three, it is difficult to have an accurate answer. It should be said that the excellent varieties grown in an ideal environment, coupled with Art beats nature. craft, in order to create a real good tea. But among the three elements, the region is the most difficult to copy. Breeding of good varieties, can be widely extended to all parts of the country. Like Longjing 43, now in Guizhou also has a large area of cultivation. Zhejiang tea master, then fried tea educate local farmers. The same gene, similar technology, Guizhou, Longjing is now very good quality. But to be honest, if compared with the authentic West Lake Longjing Tea, there are still some gaps. Between Guizhou and Hangzhou, Longjing, the difference in the growth environment is different. Tree species can be transplanted, technology can communicate, only geographical factors are always difficult to completely copy. This is a bit like the black people in the United States, in entertainment, sports and other fields has been considerable achievements. In turn, black literature, economic and other fields of achievement is not good. Which, in large part, is at work. This is like tea varieties, although far away from home, but still can be basically maintained. Only geographical factors, the most difficult to copy. "Yan Zi also said:" spring and Autumn "for orange orange health Huainan, Huaibei was born in orange leaves, only similar, in fact the taste is different. Different soil and water." This is not only the principle of orange, but also applies to tea. Now like in Wuyi rock tea, very exquisite areas. Visitors to Wuyishan will find that it is the place where the special points. Like the three hole two, eighteen bend, thirty-six Jian Feng, seventy-two holes, ninety-nine rock and so on place names, it sounds a bit like hiding all the heroes of the greenwood. But there is no mountain king, the production of good tea. And the tea.相关的主题文章: