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Considerate man reading | postpartum edema will be de – Sohu is one of the most new mothers postpartum maternal edema problems for postpartum edema how long can also eliminate the concern of new mothers. To solve this problem, the following Xiaobian for everyone to do a simple introduction. Postpartum edema how long can eliminate 1, during pregnancy and lead to physiological edema, in a short period of time after the birth will disappear, but it should be based on individual circumstances. Most people in half a month or so will be able to eliminate edema. And some are eliminated after the full moon. In general, the edema of the hands and feet are finally eliminated. 2, if the mother has high blood pressure, then the rate of decline in postpartum edema will be slower, need to monitor their blood pressure. If it is because of the position of the body caused by edema, this situation requires a slow recovery. At this point, you can eat more vitamins and do some proper exercise. In addition, medium to low salt diet. Postpartum why is prone to edema 1, women in late pregnancy, because the uterus will become larger, will be the pressure of the lower extremity venous return, thus affecting the blood circulation, leading to edema. 2, part of the new mother because of pregnancy, endocrine system will be affected, the body for water metabolism in early summer, due to the special needs of a physical body, will retain the excess water, and edema. 3, because of the obstacles of female viscera function. If pregnant women eat less move, visceral function will be suppressed. After the birth of Qi and blood loss, transport of water will decline. Excess water stays in the legs, causing edema. In order to reduce edema, pregnant women to drink less water before going to bed, diet should be light food based, not too salty. In addition, do not eat too much tonic, so as not to aggravate the burden on the kidneys, you can eat less fat meat or fish.相关的主题文章: