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Fashion-Style Pest infestation has been a major problem to deal with in recent years. Every country across the world is facing this problem now. Though respective governments are taking timely steps, they are proving to be ineffective so far. This is either due to lack of strict implementation of measures or due to the lack of awareness among the .mon people. If the problem is left unchecked, it leads to harmful consequences related to a person’s health. Under these circumstances, the ways of controlling pests turns out to be crucial. What started as a small problem in agricultural fields is now affecting the entire human race severely. Ways of controlling pests In order to know about the ways to control pests, it is vital to understand how this can be done before resorting to implementation in a realtime scenario. As prevention is better than cure, the best way to control pests is to stop their generation and progress. Identify the areas where their concentration is more. Destroy the breeding grounds for pests with an effective killer. Mosquitoes are the leading pests that do most of the damage. Hence, in order to keep them under control, one must have proper drainage facilities for their surroundings. Cleaning water storage tanks and air coolers too will yield effective results. Implement traditional methods in controlling pests. One such method that is .monly employed in rural areas is burning of the fields. Rats and rodents progress immensely after the process of harvesting. Feeding pests with poisoned food items will work initially. However, constant usage of this method has proven that pests such as rats have developed resistance against them. A time consuming method is hunting. Though this method is effective, you have to dedicate your time solely to hunt for pests. The usage of airguns have been proved as an effective measure in countering the growth of pests but, constant usage could be dearer. In countries such as Philippines, controlling steps meant to stop the infestation of pests are being implemented strictly. This is the reason why the concentration of pests are very low there. However, you can implement various traditional methods and their .binations in controlling pests. An effective way of controlling rats is to trap them. Spraying of poison is the best method. However, spraying in fields is avoided as it is harmful. If it appears to be impossible to control pests, either due to their high concentration or large area they have covered, it is better to burn the fields and plants existing in that area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: