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UnCategorized Junk mail are generally unwanted and unloved. If you find yourself in the undesirable position of being at the receiving end of unsolicited emails, you want to get rid of spam. Whenever there is a risk of your personal email address being compromised by putting it on the web, rather use an alternative and disposable email address. You should safeguard your primary address like a stack of gold bars. You don’t want people you don’t know sending you strange emails in the middle of the night. Once one spammer picked up your primary email address, you can be sure others will abuse it as well in order to send you meaningless marketing related junk mail. Some sign up forms may require you to uncheck a textbox if you do not want your email address to be shared with selected third parties you might be interested in. It can be best to uncheck the textbox and not share your email address with unknown third parties. You do not know whether they will send you something useful or whether they will just send you spam mail. Usually it is the latter. When posting your email address in a newsgroup, forum or blog comment be sure not to put on there as is. Spammers can actually harvest addresses from these places by using specially designed software. I usually replace the ‘@’ with ‘AT’. That is really the minimum you can do to safeguard your email. Here is something that I should have done and could do in the future. I could use a disposable email address when signing up for something on the world wide web. I always use my primary email address because I do not like having to log into Yahoo Mail or Google Mail just to read a few emails. I like receiving and reading it with Microsoft’s Outlook Express. I have not yet had any problem with spam, since I normally try to keep signups to a minimum. However, I might experience some spam problems in the future. As a rule, if you don’t trust a website or its owner, don’t signup to receive a newsletter or free ebook or whatever. Less is more. You can set up a disposable email by using such free mail services as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. Just do a search and you will find them. Alternatively you can visit the homepages of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. There are three things might want to avoid doing, since it is better, when you have already received spam mail. 1. Avoid buying anything that is advertised in the spam emails. 2. Do not reply to the spam and threaten to use violence. Spammers are criminals. 3. Rather take the time to report spam rather than just automatically deleting it. The better way to deal with spam mail is to send a complaint to the internet service provider of the spammer. So how do you know which ISP the spammer is using? A service such as SpamCop might help you to find out. Spam protection is better in the long run than to get rid of spam after you already have an inbox full of junk mail. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: