How To Leverage Facebook And Twitter To Generate Free Leads-windjview

Internet-and-Business-Online It is incredible how quickly you can establish an online presence through the use of social networking sites. The search engines favour these sites due to their viral nature and high traffic volumes. Facebook now has 500 million users worldwide, whilst Twitter has fewer users (44.5 million as at June 2010). However both offer great opportunities to generate targeted lead generation for your business. The benefit of social networking sites is the public information readily available on your target market. Firstly you can review your prospects profile on certain sites and gain an insight into their background and decide if this is someone that you would like to work with. If you cannot view their profile then you could check if they are associated with any groups. This will tell you a bit about what they are interested in. Once you have done your research you can introduce yourself as a fellow networker and .mence a mutually beneficial relationship. It really is that straightforward to start your lead generation process. One should bear in mind that social .working sites are designed for people to be sociable so it is appropriate to strike up a balance between being too friendly and being too salesy. Either approach is likely to put people off as it would in social situations. Try and connect with your prospects through offering valuable content such as tips and techniques on your relevant industry. Add a fan page to your Facebook profile and load it with quality content to warm your leads up. Once you have provided quality content you can start to add links to your site and special offers to them. The more relevant your content the more likely your prospects will turn into buyers as opposed to browsers. Facebook has a limit of 5000 friends which sounds like a high volume but is relatively low in marketing terms. This means that you should invest time in building your friend .work and ensure that you are connecting with the right people. Twitter however allows a much greater volume of prospects and you can add higher volumes in a shorter period of time. A high volume of followers does take up administration time so be aware of this. Another key benefit to these sites is that they do not cost you anything to set up initially so you could effectively be generating high quality leads at no cost to yourself. Follow this simple guide and you could quickly add social .working sites to your marketing mix. And there is nothing better to a sales or marketing professional than driving quality lead generation for free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: