How to protect the environment and small technology

Small technology / ice environment how to protect the camera this to good friends online in February and March, although the beginning of spring, but different from the southern spring, winter is still not feeling go north. If you miss a month before the February and March snow shooting, Bashang grassland is still snow. However, before going to the really do? (pictures from the network) precautionary measures do not "cold" camera battery will remember last month the country "overlord" cold wave struck, I and several friends around, there are mobile phone because of the cold instant "frozen" phenomenon in crash. Want to say, take pictures at very low temperatures, they don’t have to wear more, keep warm, the camera is also cold ah! Before shooting personal warmth measures should be well then, if your camera is cold "cold", it will have what symptom? The most typical is the battery consumption too quickly or suddenly no electricity, at extremely low temperatures, battery tend to consume quickly, even suddenly no electricity condition. According to the physical characteristics of the battery, at temperatures below 0 DEG C, lithium batteries are usually at least 90% of the electricity; at -20 DEG C, rated power endurance capacity of 70%, and then decreased rapidly, until the "blackout". So, what do you do? Protective measures should also be made in addition to their own camera camera have to warm 1, ready to 2-3 block above the standby battery with battery temperature close to carry, not to avoid loss of power. Note that the use of in use for a long time and temperature change under the condition of large, standby battery selection to the original factory is preferred. After all, compared to the Deputy plant battery, the endurance and durability will be better than vice factory, and generally does not cause a problem of leakage and explosion of drum deformation. Because the battery is too cold, takes a long time to recover, so to change the battery, do not pay attention to battery cold to not work when the replacement is convenient continuous operation, if it is twenty or thirty degrees below zero in the shooting, can choose 15 to 20 minutes for a time, in order to restore the power supply capacity of the battery in a timely manner. 2, prepare camera warm set. 3, before entering the room and go out before the whole body and lens is isolated from the air, avoid moisture fog produced damage to the camera. For example in the camera before entering into sealed plastic bags, this inside, moisture will condense out of the bag. And out of the house also need from a period of time, let the camera gradually adapt to the outdoor temperature. Although many SLR has characteristics of anti spatter dust, but the water vapor in the air inside the fuselage condensation, these characteristics also appears a little failure. One or two this situation would not be affected much, but repeated condensation, very big damage to the camera. Wary of some small action 1, don’t breathe in front of the camera usually a lot of people have found the camera when some dirty habits, then in front of the camera and then wipe up, in fact it is in low temperature or normal temperature conditions, all don’t breathe in front of the camera. Because the optical mirror lens usually has special coating coating, Kazakhstan out of breath with acidic ingredients, it will!

小技大招 冰雪环境下如何保护相机   本文转自佳友在线   二三月,虽已立春,但是不同于南方的初春,北方仍是冬日未走的感觉。如果你错过了一月之前的雪景拍摄,二三月的坝上草原等仍是雪国之地。不过,去之前的准备是否真的都做到位了?   (图片来源于网络)   保暖措施没做好 相机电池会“感冒”   还记得上个月全国各地“霸王级”寒潮来袭,笔者以及身边好几个朋友,都出现了手机因为在外受冷瞬间“冻”死机的现象。想说的是,在极低的温度下拍照,别说自己要多穿点,做好保暖措施,相机同样也怕冷啊!   拍摄前个人保暖措施要做好   那么,如果你的相机受冷“感冒”了,它会有怎样的症状?最典型的就是电池消耗过快或突然没电了,在极度低温的环境下,电池往往会消耗的很快,甚至出现突然没电的情况。根据电池的物理特性,在0℃以下气温,锂电池通常还有至少90%的电量;在-20℃时,电量续航为额定电量的70%,之后便会迅速下降,直到完全“停电”。那么,你该怎么办呢?   相机的保护措施也要做好   除了自己 相机也要保暖   1、准备2-3块以上备用电池贴身携带,借助体温避免电池不失电。需要注意的是,在长时间使用和温差变化较大情况下使用时,备用电池选择以原厂为首选。毕竟相对于副厂电池,其续航能力与耐用性都会较副厂更好,并且一般不会发生漏液、爆鼓变形等问题。由于电池过冷时,需要较长时间恢复电,因此在换电池时,注意别等电池冷到不能工作时才更换既便于连续操作,如果是在零下二三十度拍摄,可择15到20分钟换一次,以便于电池及时恢复供电能力。   2、准备相机防寒保暖套。   3、进入屋子前和外出前将整个机身和镜头与空气隔绝,避免湿气雾气产生损坏相机。例如可以在进屋前将相机放入塑料袋密封好,这样进屋后,湿气便会凝结在袋子外面。反之出屋后也需要隔绝一段时间,让相机逐渐适应室外温度。   虽然目前众多单反都具备防尘防滴溅的特性,但对于空气中的水汽在机身内部凝结,这些特性也显得有点失效了。出现一两次这样的情况倒无大碍,但反复出现水汽凝结,则对相机损害非常大。   警惕一些小动作   1、别对着镜头哈气   平时不少人发现镜头有些脏的时候,习惯对着镜头哈气然后再擦拭,实际上无论是在低温环境还是正常温度情况下,都切记勿对着镜头哈气。因为镜头的光学镜面通常都具有特殊的镀膜涂层处理,哈出来的气息带有酸性的成份,这样做只会损害镜头。当然,如果你的镜头配有UV镜,那就没关系了。   2、小心静电   由于温度较低水汽凝结,空气通常较干燥,极容易引起静电。而对于储存卡来说,静电犹如杀手,对于一些小品牌储存卡,低温及静电会使其防护性能降低, 最常见的便是卡内的数据“消失”了,而这对于摄影者来说,那叫一个心痛。因此最好尽量减少拔插储存卡,即便要更换,建议将手套取下,同时最好用手触碰一下别的金属物体,以消除身上可能存在的静电。   采取以上简单的预防措施,你便可以放心在寒冷的户外轻松拍摄了。当然,别忘了自己脸 、耳朵、身体的保暖措施哦!相关的主题文章: