How To Wear Uggs-queer as folk

Business We’ve all heard it before: Uggs are ugly-and, for the most part, that is true. But someone will always .e to the defense of Ugg boots and say, ”But they’re warm! ” or ”But they’re stylish!” Both of these are true statements, as well. However, as warm and stylish as Uggs may be, there are simply no excuses for the ways far too many women wear them. There are numerous wrong ways and very few right ways. Here’s how to get it right-learn what to avoid: 1. Never wear Uggs in warm whether: Why? Because it looks ridiculous and your feet must be steaming. Uggs are lined with sheepskin. You don’t see lambs frolicking around on 90 degree days, do you? Of course not. Because they’re smarter than that and know that they’ll overheat. You should realize that, too. And it should go without saying, but never wear Uggs to tropical beaches period, but especially not with bathing suits. 2. Never wear the Ugg boot with barelegged or with nude pantyhose: If it’s not obvious already, learn this: Uggs are for cold weather. They are designed to keep you cozy when it’s chilly outside. That’s why it makes no sense to pair them with mini skirts, shorts, tiny dresses, or Capri pants. If it’s warm enough outside to run around barelegged, don’t wear Uggs. Wear flats, sandals, or sneakers instead. In other words, wear warm-weather shoes. 3. Never wear Uggs with PJ pants: Not only does it look incredibly slouchy it also looks incredibly bad. Uggs do not match PJ pants. They match, sturdy, cold-weather pants, like jeans, cargos, and corduroy. And, sadly for numerous college students our there, this rule of never, ever mixing Uggs and PJ pants also includes sweatpants. Your sweats belong with you in the gym, where you should have on these sneakers, or at home as lounge pants, where you should have the Ugg slippers. Those are the only shoes you should ever wear with sweatpants. Notice that Uggs are not one of those two shoes. 4. Never wear Uggs with evening gowns: Believe it or not, I have seen this happen. Granted, it was in the Midwest, but there’s still no excuse for it. Evening gowns warrant stilettos, embellished flats, and strappy sandals-something formal and g.eous. Uggs are not formal, nor are they g.eous. Uggs are casual shoes. Wear them with casual outfits. 5. Never wear Uggs with Eskimo coats: Steer clear of any coats that are made out of the same sheepskin (or similar materials) as your Uggs. If you wear a sheepskin coat with sheepskin boots, you will look like an Inuit. Matchy-matchy (in any outfit!) is always a no-no. Find a coat in a different material, perhaps even in a totally different color from your boots. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: