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Arts-and-Entertainment When the new couple take wedding photography, they would like to choose different kinds of wedding dress. Some people like contacted and dignified style, some like atmospheric style, and some like elegant costume. Every bride has her own choice. "if you want to get the satisfying wedding dress photography you have to choose the right wedding dress firstly."Said by a famous foreign photographer called Andy. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of wedding dress photography. Three to five kinds of wedding dress should be prepared. A costumer tell us that too much flash and dazzling adornment is out of fashion now while simple and concise style is more popular and lasting. More brides prefect to choose pure white wedding dresses because white wedding dress make you more easier to show your characteristic. What is more, it looks normal and grave. A costumer working in star wedding photography studio tells us that it is very important to choose indoor white gauze. In .mon, new couple would like to blow up the white gauze to make a movie. The bride with good figure can choose a fishplate style, which can make the bride look more sexy and improve her beauty cultivates morality. Since the outdoor action is more active, it is more convenient for movement to choose the wiping a bosom style. In addition, the bride should not be afraid of trouble when choosing trailing. Although the big trailing is clumsy, it looks more beautiful in grass and steps. According to the introduction of the manager in provence ceremony of the club, when choosing bride’s wedding dress, we not only have to consider the scene and environment, but also the collocation with the bride’s own figure and temperament. The small bride can choose nifty and lovely paragraph dress. The bride with good figure should choose her morality dress. And the plump bride should choose fleeciness skirt. If the upper part of the bride is plump, she should choose the adornment such as some shawls, which can enhance the advantage and avoid the weakness. And we don’t advice the bride to choose yellow, because it look the same as white yarn in the strong light. Now every wedding photography provide the bride with N+1 photography set. N means the amount provided by the studio. 1 means that the new couple can prepare a set of wedding clothes by themselves. So the new couple can take relaxed and natural pictures after the wedding photography. A manager tells us that new couple can bring their own clothing, such as T-shirt, jeans and so on. In addition to formal wedding dress, new couple can also choose Chinese dress, the costume, ancient dress, etc. when picking cheongsam; we should avoid the color of deep red and too long style. She should choose the style of cell, which can make the bride look more elegant and graceful. Taffeta Strapless Empire Bodice with A line Rouched Skirt and Chapel Train 2010 New Wedding Dress WD-0015 相关的主题文章: