Hu Zhengrong, former president of Communication University of China, who had violated the provisions-dataload

Hu Zhengrong, President of Communication University of China, the former was in violation of the provisions of eight is free – Beijing, Beijing, 27 September Xinhua news website of the Ministry of education, September 27th, the Commission in the Ministry of education, Party member of the discipline inspection team leader comrade Wang Liying on behalf of the Ministry of education party at the Communication University of China Ministry of Education announced the appointment and removal of Comrade Hu Zhengrong, the president of the Communication University of China. Hu Zhengrong, male, born in May 1966, in September 1991 to join the party, to work in July 1986, Renmin University of China doctoral graduate school of journalism, Communication University of China Professor, former director of Research Center for Radio & Television Studies, executive vice president, vice president of Communication University of China Institute, November 2006. November 2015, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of education website has announced the Ministry of education to investigate the individual party members and cadres of the central government in violation of the central eight provisions of the spirit of the problem of the. In November 24, 2015, the Ministry of Party education, discipline of Communication University of China Party committee secretary Chen Wenshen, President Su Zhiwu 8 leading cadres were informed, in accordance with the procedures were given disciplinary organization and processing. Informed that the Communication University of China Party committee, President Su Zhiwu introduced in the middle of the eight provisions, always exceed the standard of illegal use of official vehicles, long-term illegal occupation of subordinate units of the vehicle, office space serious irregularities in the school dining places exceed the standard, banquets, gifts will be presented the school not placed in their long-term asset registration office. As the president has failed to fulfill the administrative duties of the school, the implementation of the eight provisions spirit, serious lack of financial management, public funds spending seriously over budget, the relevant departments of illegal use of public funds to buy gifts and other direct responsibility and important leadership responsibilities. The Ministry of education Party decided to give Su Zhiwu administrative demerit, replacing its principal duties. Taking disciplinary action relates to the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection decision.相关的主题文章: