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Hubei is now "rear launched chicken", BMW hanging live bird high speed racing (Figure) – Sohu news hanging chicken and duck speeding BMW. Chongyang brigade for the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Wan Qin Wang Xu) during the Spring Festival, a return the owner will be two ducks hanging on the trunk, a chicken was taped in the trunk of a car top picture in the online crazy turn, instantly refresh circle of friends. It was jokingly called "post launched chicken" and "double turbo duck"". Yesterday, the Hubei Provincial Police Corps Chongyang brigade in screening illegal photos, also screened with red net pictures almost the same picture: a BMW car hanging chickens ducks was speeding on the freeway. The tail of the car license plate in F white BMW car hanging 3 different color bags, traveling in the high-speed Chongyang section hangrui, look carefully, there are a few chickens and ducks are head out from the inside of the bag, the driver seems to be worried about the "clown" in the trunk inside them to hypoxia, specially "through the air". After the police check, the car speed is 132KM H, is speeding, in addition, the car in February 4th there are two speeding records, the speed is 145KM H, 146KM H. The police were locked in the Internet for speeding and illegally installing and hanging articles. According to the regulations, speeding 20% less than 50%, deduct 6 points, fined 200 yuan, outside the vehicle hanging behavior can only be warned.

湖北现“后置发动鸡” 宝马挂活禽高速飙车(图)-搜狐新闻 挂鸡鸭超速的宝马。崇阳大队供图   本报讯(记者万勤 通讯员王旭)春节期间,一返程车主将两只鸭挂在后备箱上,一只鸡被胶带捆在汽车后备箱顶的图片在网上疯转,朋友圈瞬间刷屏。被网友戏称为“后置发动鸡”和“双涡轮增鸭”。昨天,湖北省高警总队崇阳大队在筛查违章照片时,也筛出跟网红图片几乎一样的图片:一辆宝马车悬挂活鸡活鸭在高速公路超速行驶。   这辆浙F牌照的白色宝马车尾部挂着3个不同颜色的袋子,行驶在杭瑞高速崇阳段,仔细一看,有几只鸡鸭正从袋子里面伸出脑袋,似乎是司机担心这几个“活宝”在后备箱里面缺氧,特意要它们“透下气”。经过民警核查,该车车速为132KM H,属超速行驶,此外,该车在2月4日还有两次超速记录,车速分别为145KM H、146KM H。   民警对该车超速行驶和非法加装、悬挂物品的行为进行网上锁定。按规定,超速20%不到50%,扣6分罚200元,车外悬挂物品行为只能作警告处理。相关的主题文章: