Hunan high speed mid autumn peak return this morning to avoid blocking in the guide

Hunan high speed mid autumn peak return this morning to avoid blocking the guidelines in September 16th, Hunan province highway monitoring command center issued a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday traffic information express. 15, the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, toll booths before the flow of the toll station is the west of Changsha, bachelor, Changsha toll station. 905 high-speed traffic broadcast team forecast, September 17th peak return from 9 in the morning, about 11 points to the top, please make travel plan in advance. 905 high speed broadcast from the monitoring command center of Hunan province highway to understand, in September 15th, the province’s highway entrance and exit of the total flow is 1632360 times, down 5.87%, of which the export volume for 1001391 times, 990969 times the entrance flow. Chang speed Changyi segment preliminary statistics, Changsha West toll station in September 15th, Zhang Changyi high-speed section Changsha West toll station entrance total flow is 74563 times, an increase of 4.73%. The entrance flow is 42795 times, representing a decrease of 0.81%, the export volume for 29752 times, an increase of 14.28%. Entrance peak hours of 8 am to 9 am, the peak hours of exports to the evening from 7 to 9 points. Changsha Shaoshan Loudi Yuelu high-speed toll station on September 15th, Changsha Shaoshan Loudi Yuelu high-speed toll station entrance total flow is 15128 times, an increase of 49.3%. The entrance flow is 8587 times, the export volume for 6541 times. According to the monitoring command center of Expressway in Hunan Province in September 15th data, more serious congestion has long Zhang high-speed Changyi, Changsha Shaoshan Loudi expressway, Changtan West expressway, Beijing high-speed Long Tan, long Yong speed, the Shanghai Kunming high-speed Xiangtan Shaoyang etc.. In September 16th, a wave of return small peak in 10 o’clock morning and afternoon 3 points to 5 points. Chang Zhang Chang Yi Duan, Ningxiang Jinzhou Avenue, Changsha West toll station are subject to certain pressure. The 17 day is the last day of a small holiday, 905 high-speed traffic broadcast team, peak return from 9 in the morning, at about 11 to the peak, around 3 pm to 6 points is the last batch, evening gradually restored. We need to pay special attention to the road: G5513 Changde section, Yiyang to Changsha G4 section, Yueyang section of Beijing high-speed, Changsha section, Xiangtan section, S20 long Liu high-speed long Yong section S41, Changtan West high speed Changsha segment, S50 Changsha Shaoshan Loudi section and G60 Changsha high-speed Xiangtan section of the Shanghai Kunming high-speed. Return to avoid blocking the raiders from Hubei, Lixian, Loudi, Shaoyang direction to Changsha G55 two high-speed wide south to Xiao Wu Pu interoperability G56 hangrui speed eastbound to Junshan high-speed, along the lines connecting the East and the Yueyang toll station in G4 south to Beijing high-speed, Li Jia Tang interoperability G0401 Changsha the Beltway westbound through Hanpu interoperability, chijiang interoperability S50 Changsha Shaoshan Loudi high-speed westbound. From Jishou, Phoenix, Huaihua Yuanling to Shaoyang, Loudi from G56 hangrui high-speed westbound to Jishou interchange to G65 Baomao high-speed south, to Zhutian G6 interworking.相关的主题文章: