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Home-and-Family Perhaps the most frustrating part of making improvements to your home is having a poorly conceived additional feature installed in your not so great-looking room. And the only remedy you can do to improve the situation is to actually wring your creative mind and find out which way works best. To give you an example, some window designs are no longer in fashion that they might be very hard to coordinate them stylishly with the newly designed modern rooms and opting to install new windows might just be too costly. What to do then? One of the easiest ways to handle such design problem and probably the most practical one is by installing incredibly good window treatments like blinds. This will creatively enhance the look of the aesthetically lacking windows. Roman blinds, perhaps, are the most versatile because they’re made of fabric. Since fabric .es in all sorts of colours and prints, and there are so many ways to customise it, homeowners can enjoy the flexibility in styling it in countless ways. Here are some ideas on how to enhance the look of your windows with the help of Roman blinds. Choose a fabric with sides that have different patterns. This would create a really nice effect, especially when you pull up the blinds and the patterns are against each other. For kids’ rooms, the Roman blinds can instantly provide a playful look as well as a nice pop of colour. Use colourful ribbons or cords to hold up the blinds. Ribbons are especially nice in promoting the seasonal colours and elements. Braided cords, on the other hand, have a very rich appeal and work particularly well in highlighting rich, jewel-coloured fabrics. Layering is also a cool strategy to try, especially for narrow windows which often seem difficult to work with because of their proportions. Not too many people think they can layer Roman blinds, but this trick actually yields really attractive results especially when different .plementing materials, patterns or colours are used. Aside from this, layered blinds provide the advantage of controlling the amount and direction of natural light ushered into a room. Another layering trick is to use valances to enhance the overall look of the window treatment. Since Roman blinds are greatly similar to curtains, achieving the elegant "drapery" look is easy with valances especially if the fabric used for the blinds are thick and heavy like velvet. Lastly, there are so many accessories that Roman blinds can be paired with. Just take your cue from artists who use Christmas ornaments, charms and even decorative bottles that dangle from the valance or sometimes the hooks (which are blinds accessories as well). These accessories create whimsical windows that will surely pique the interest of those who will see them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: