If TOYOTA looting Suzuki Shu there may still be a fight to the death cosmax

If TOYOTA "looting" Suzuki Shu there may still be a "fight to the death" of TOYOTA and SUZUKI success in hand CP, finally let this as a "smashing rotten copper pea" SUZUKI repair, bloom again out of the Maitreya Buddha smile. In October 12th, TOYOTA President Akiotoyoda (see figures in the latest news) and SUZUKI chairman Suzuki Shu met in Tokyo, jointly held a press conference, the two sides will build business relations of cooperation are discussed. However, in the end in what areas of cooperation, how to cooperate, and did not say very clearly, that will be discussed next Wednesday. According to the meaning of both sides, the current TOYOTA and SUZUKI group CP preliminary plan will work together to develop the next generation of technology together". In all the cooperation of the "Wall Street journal" analysis, TOYOTA and SUZUKI’s show of affection move, also in the field of small cars has a unique wrist both from competition to cooperation, this is the negative impact of the appreciation in the yen, the Japanese car once again heating resistance pressure. With the deepening of cooperation between TOYOTA and SUZUKI, to a certain extent, accelerate the Japanese car companies’ integration trend". The intention of cooperation, TOYOTA seek like-minded partners, SUZUKI look forward to the development of advanced technology, it seems that they need each other, fair and just. However, the strength of TOYOTA and SUZUKI disparity, making this cooperation on the surface, it is clear that SUZUKI gains greater than TOYOTA. Because at that time because SUZUKI "ranxiao door" incident, facing the situation is no longer "gone", but overall risk of sinking". Annual output of only 200 units of SUZUKI, not only faced with huge reparations, and even struggling to survive on the edge of the line, too need such a rescue operation". However, it is because SUZUKI planted a big somersault in fuel efficiency door events, and also in deep ranxiao door MITSUBISHI "tongmingxianglian". A door, kill a person, also let a period of ups and downs of life to be thrown into the dustbin. MITSUBISHI fuel scandal MITSUBISHI President Aikawa Tetsuro walked down the center of power, but also let SUZUKI fuel fraud storm ruled SUZUKI nearly 40 years SUZUKI repair responsibility resigned from the post of CEO, the "angry" SUZUKI Lafayette was again "incapable of action". The door was ranxiao toss to tears of MITSUBISHI, the brand is not only the stock price plummeted, falls again. Poverty ridden unable to extricate themselves, the original good bestie Nissan said "help help one", ready to 2 billion 200 million yuan acquisition of MITSUBISHI stock price 34%. Although the name of "deepen strategic cooperation" banner, but the Nissan "looting" means how also won’t cover, the Renault Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Gon once said, "this is a good time to join the MITSUBISHI alliance". Perhaps, in the near future, will be in the market to see the Renault Nissan label MITSUBISHI car. At this moment, waiting to be rescued, SUZUKI, met TOYOTA. However, MITSUBISHI’s lesson, but let TOYOTA and SUZUKI cooperation and a more ambiguous and scheming, "said TOYOTA is a reliable partner of SUZUKI repair will also will more concern? SUZUKI will become the next MITSUBISHI? So, SUZUKI will become the next.相关的主题文章: