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UnCategorized Recognizing employees for a "job well-done" is not only a nice thing to do for the employees but it also allows people to reap rewards which in turn brings a greater out.e for not only your employees but for your business as well. When you acknowledge the good things that your employees do, with whatever means of recognition, the good behaviors you do see will be repeated time and time again. I’m an honest believer that if you treat your employees bad they won’t want to do better for you or for your .pany. Whereas if you have a reward system in place or even do something small like thanking your employees they will work that much harder for you and your business. If you do place an employee recognition program of sorts in your organization or your business it’s important that you follow certain criteria. – All your employees should be entitled to the recognition – It’s important that you the employer take action in allowing your employees to see and understand what demeanors are being rewarded. – Anyone who ac.plishes the action or the demeanor at a standard or above standard criteria should receive the reward. – Be sure to create an action or standard and stand by that action or standard. You want to encourage the behavior to an above and beyond standard. This is the entire point to this exercise! – Make sure you don’t "select" certain people out of the group (even if they did or didn’t ac.plish the goal) this can sometimes be seen as favoritism and again, defies the point of the reward system. You want to boost morale and boost productivity! Surprises are also granted. For example, if you have a group of people that are constantly making their goals or are consistently breaking the standards and you invariably "reward" them time and time again, the reward less of a reward and more of a given entitlement. Rewards and recognition that help both the employer and the employee get what they need from work are a win-win situation. Make this the year you contrive a recognition process that will "wow" your staff and "wow" you with its positive I heard of a few .panies that handle this "reward" system a few different ways. Some .panies take their employees out to lunch whereas others might just give them a pat on the back. However, recently I found a website where they actually give plaques to team members, groups and certain people from the business .anization for employee awards. This would be a good idea too because it would really make someone feel not only special but, they would have it as a reminder of how well they did and how you recognized their hard work. This will continue the "hard work" process throughout the year again and again! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: