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Japanese children’s medicine medicine expert: popular winter mother ring Mo election explosion of cold weather, but also to the high incidence of colds, cough in children. Recently, in the maternal circle, many children Nissan drugs started hot, such as " bread Superman children cough water ", Kobayashi Tuire tie, purchasing scraper, mother stockpile. Some mothers praising " ", the effect is obviously; but there are readers call the newspaper advice: eat this foreign drug safety? Japanese cough medicine, cold medicine winter " the hottest " Ms. Wang lives in Hankou, son 6 years old this year. Last year, a family trip to Japan, because of the sudden change of weather cooling, children rhinitis, sneezing, stuffy nose, very uncomfortable. At that time, she was at the airport drug store bought a rhinitis medication before eating, 5 minutes, the symptoms have improved significantly. As a result, she bought a lot of online children’s drug " list " after coming home, the child occasionally cough, cold, she took the medicine to the child to eat, the effect is really good. After returning home, she also recommended to " mom circle " friends. Japanese media reported that a Japanese consulting firm’s recent survey data show that medical supplies have been ranked in the Chinese tourists to buy goods " top " followed by cosmetics. Among them, children’s medicine is particularly popular, such as cold medicine, liquid children’s band aid, Anpanman children cough water and Kobayashi antipyretic paste etc.. Like Ms. Wang, many Japanese fans believe that in addition to medicine, good curative effect, Japanese drug design more human, category more abundant, such as children’s medicine taste is good, easy to feed, throat spray without swallowing, spray can against the winter haze. During the interview, there is also a part of my mother some apprehension: " efficacy is so good, will not add what ingredients? Japanese medicine, in the end is not suitable for Chinese children to eat it? " medicine do not choose "explosion and director of the children’s critical care medicine, maternal and child health hospital" Xu Hui, in the ordinary Japanese drug store to buy, which belongs to the " non prescription " (OTC), but the drug safety, it is not advisable to freely buy to take, especially for children. Even foreign people to buy OTC, doctors generally recommend. First of all, not all of the symptoms must be medication, otherwise it may " counterproductive ". In winter the common cough cough as an example, this is a protective reflex of children body, can rule out the dirty things in the airway, improve the airway environment. In general, only in the case of cough affecting the child’s sleep, diet, to consider the use of drugs to relieve symptoms. If the parent is " see ", stop cough; cough while suspended, but a lot of sputum accumulation in the respiratory tract, not only can aggravate the inflammation and cough, but also easy to make bacteria spread to other parts of the lung. Secondly, not all drugs to general " ". Hot throat spray. It was originally used for Japanese pollen相关的主题文章: