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Also referred to as the Key Hole Surgery, this procedure is minimally invasive as .pared to the conservative open heart Bypass surgery. It rectifies the coronary heart ailment on a beating heart; therefore a heart lung machine is not required. The surgery is performed by making a tiny, two to three inches long incision on the left side of the chest. The surgeon then dislodges the internal mammary artery from the chest. A cardiac surgeon will make a small (probably two to three inches long) slit on the left side of the torso. Followed by this the internal mammary artery is dislodged. This artery is now connected to the coronary arteries. Most of the cardiac surgeons the world over are performing a non invasive procedure because: Very short incisions are made. Wound healing is faster. Probability of a .plication is minimum. Recovery time is very less. Ideal Candidate for a Cardiac Bypass surgery This kind of surgery is required in the following cases: The Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery can be sought by the patients whose coronary obstructions can be circumvented through a tiny aperture on the left side of the chest. It is highly suggested for patients where the use of heart-lung machine is precarious, for example patients with .plications like lung diseases, kidney failure or peripheral vascular abnormalities. Cardiac bypass surgery is furthermore done in crisis situations like heart attack when all other treatment options are not responding. Foreseeable Risks Some of the associated risks are: Bleeding Arrhythmias (irregular heart rhythms) Inflammation and infection of the chest wound Memory loss Kidney failure Preparation for the surgery For a couple of weeks before the .mencement of surgery , a patient may be advised to stop consuming medicines that make it difficult for his/her blood to clot for these might lead to excessive blood loss during the surgery. They .prise of aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and other analogous drugs. Your doctor will give you detailed guidelines about any activity, restrictions and modifications in your diet. You’ll need several pre surgical evaluations, often together with chest X-rays, blood tests, an ECG and a coronary angiogram. India: One Stop Destination for Cardiac Bypass Surgery India is a hot spot for heart surgeries because: The expenditure of Cardiac bypass surgery in India is much lesser than that in any other developed nation. Cardiac .plications demand immediate attention and treatment and in such a scenario, long waits can prove fatal. In India, one can expect prompt medical attention without any delays. One feels worn out after such procedures and needs to renew his/her spirits. India, a land of diverse cultures and splendid scenic locales offers many such travel opportunities. One can receive high-quality treatments at a fraction of the prices they expect. Ease and availability of treatment. Lastly, with many medical tourism .panies .ing up with exciting health and tour packages, a patient, national as well as international can be convinced that his health and travel needs will be well taken care off. About the Author: Wellwishers Discover provides .plete package for medical tourism in India which facilitate cost effective and quality, medical treatments and Procedures in India. 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