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Line deferred to enter the American market, Asia is still the focus of science and technology – Sohu [Technews Line CEO] science news Ze Gang said in an interview, IPO funds raised will be used to develop the Asian market, while increasing investment in the U.S. market, but for the Line to enter the United States market for instant messaging is very difficult, the Asian market will continue the key is Line. Line is one of Asia’s most popular instant messaging service, a few years before the company into a high-profile American market, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, with Instagram, iMessage and other instant messaging services, competition in the market, the Line strategy in the United States market does not have too big harvest. Compared with other instant messaging services, Line’s largest in particular, has a wealth of expression maps, but this is a very cute style of Japanese services difficult to impress u.s.. According to Line 2016 third quarter results, the quarter profit of 35 billion 900 million yen, 33 billion 900 million yen higher than the same period in 2015, but the number of active users and revenue, subscription number growth slowed, the number of monthly active users Line is about 22 million, grow 3.7% compared to the same period in 2015, the core business revenue slowdown shows that Line has encountered a bottleneck. Takeshi Idezawa said in an interview, IPO raised $1 billion 300 million, will be used to enhance the content of the quality and technical strength, enhance the advertising business profitability, expand the Indonesian market, the market is the fourth largest market for Line. At present, Line in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand China the 3 Asia’s most popular instant messaging service, ranked second in the Indonesian market, Line’s goal is to bring the service into an important part of life. The office will launch a cooperative instant messaging service in early 2017, while increasing the film and other functions, to extend the user’s communications market, enhance the company’s revenue, Line will increase in artificial intelligence and chat robot investment, prepare for the expansion of the global market. For Line, the next few years, the most important thing is to enhance the number of users, access to more stable growth opportunities. Line abandons U.S. (for now), says AI and Chatbots are the secret to winning 4 Asian markets without authorization, any media, websites or individuals may not be copied, reproduced, or otherwise use the contents of this website, Echo left echo release date November 14, 2016 06:49 category social network sharing相关的主题文章: