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Liu Xiang admit and Wu Sha licensing of marriage: marriage proposal directly after the Sohu news recently, online a video out of the video to marry Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang sweet kiss girlfriend Wu Sha, plus after multiple exposure on the two ring finger suspected wedding photo, many netizens asserted: Liu Xiang has proposed! Related topics on the day of the arch micro-blog hot search TOP1. "Xiang brother Chongni eyes know is true love", netizens onlookers quickly brush blessing, also taking their questioning "when push the marriage certificate?" However, the net transfer of this video is not the integrity of the original version, on powder recognize this is Liu Xiang to participate in the reality show picture, insider broke the news is more Madden, directed at the fragment from tonight, Shenzhen satellite TV will broadcast the "Amazing Race", and Liu Xiang in the program was also exposing the two "marriage. Also, ask what marriage", seems to be that the fact that married the rhythm. Liu Xiang has been low-key this year was "Amazing Race" participated in the show, in the program lengbuding reveal this should make my girlfriend over, "blurted out" early Takako "desire, all the signs so that users have a" play "," happy to take place". Exposed from the current video can be seen, when Wu Sha discovered, the whole atmosphere is very warm, Liu Chang, Kenneth Fok, Jin Da Chuan, including Guo Jingjing has been relatively calm, all taking advantage of booing proposal!" "Kissing!". Liu Xiang does not know is not a little feel shy, at the scene did not make any positive response, but directly to Wu Sha a powerful overbearing Princess hold, and then quietly held. However, informed sources pointed out that in the case of the video did not flow after the interview, Liu Xiang exposes married: Jingjing they also asked me how do not propose. But I actually proposed. I asked you to get married, you know? After marriage, you know?" With the interview partner Xu Qifeng will refer to the material you big exposure!" During the interview, Xu Qifeng also revealed that the side of a small detail: This program before departure, the other guests have put the ring in the hotel, only in the hands of Liu Xiangdai, he gave the explanation is "this is a kind of belief". Liu Xiang and Wu Sha’s relationship has been the focus of concern to the public, two people get married this good news, users also have the feeling of the people will sooner or later come together here, I also sincerely hope that Liu Xiang will soon have the well-being of ordinary people living. (reporter Liu Jing)相关的主题文章: