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Liu Xiang’s ex-wife GeTian denied rumors: ask what pseudopregnancy do athletes – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, according to the Taiwan news, "China times", Liu Xiang and his ex-wife hurdles at the end of last year Ge days short of marriage, recently came with the current girlfriend, Wu’s low-key vaulter remarried, after the news spread, many netizens the influx of Ge day micro-blog mock her former false pregnancy forced rumors, responded: "I personally get this false rumor," also said: "responsible to tell you what did you ask, what do the two players", triggered a lot of reverie. Two years ago Liu Xiang and actress GeTian married, did not expect less than one year, two people declared divorce, online rumors GeTian pretended pregnant was forced to succeed, the truth after exposure was dumped by Liu Xiang, has not yet been confirmed, but the day after Ge reality show, once said: "now people cry bad things on want to change, at least I admit this feeling it in my life happened, it is now, (he) put my things wrong", seems to be ex old. Liu Xiang recently married on the show, and exposes his girlfriend Wu Sha, Ge day issued 15 Mid Autumn Festival congratulations, it attracted users over the old account, someone said: "you did not say no, who can prove to the people there said nothing, you every day bound your ex husband, you have a good reputation, poly well, don’t put the poor in this." She replied: "who knows who to prove, can come out to say a word? Since you told me so, please stand up and say the parties dignified and imposing a sentence! To heaven and earth to the truth of my conscience, I am innocent. All the people will have the reward of pseudopregnancy!" Also against the number of users: ask your two players do what it is, full of fire and pointing to her ex husband.相关的主题文章: