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Liuyang China Railway Mongolia Lianyunshan tunnel through a total length of 1960 meters in March next year, the original title: China Railway Mongolia Lianyunshan tunnel through March next year after the completion of the railway line will fill the blank in the Liuyang Liuyang railway Lianyunshan, a 10 km long tunnel is dug – this is one of the important control of the national coal transportation from north to South "the channel of Mongolia and China Railway engineering. Yesterday (28 days) at 3:50 in the afternoon, with a loud blast came, Mongolia and China Railway Construction in Liuyang and Jiangxi ushered in an important node in Lianyun Mountain Tunnel No. 1 to No. 2 is officially through hole interval. According to reports, Lianyunshan tunnel across the board is expected to run through March of next year. Liuyang Lianyunshan tunnel length of 10702 meters, is the single line tunnel of Mongolia and China Railway across the board the longest, the longest tunnel in Hunan province is under construction. The entrance located in Liuyang chunkou and crossing streets. Yesterday was the first to pass through the hole 1 to No. 2, a total length of 1960 meters. This interval is planned to go through the hole in October next year, now a full 1 years ahead of schedule." China Railway two bureau of China Railway Project Manager Wang Ming, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, since last April 28th to start construction, the tunnel has been completed the tunnel excavation of 7993 meters, is expected in March next year to achieve full penetration. Meng Hua (Mongolia to central China) is the national railway "12th Five-Year" plan key projects of major transportation infrastructure and development planning of comprehensive transportation system, for North coal south of the new national strategic transportation channel. The project is dominated by coal, where both passenger and freight transport, Ordos area north of Inner Mongolia, via Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, South to Jiangxi Ji’an. Line length of 1806.5 km, construction period of 5 years. Then, the abundant coal resources in the north of the south through this channel, Hunan can obtain abundant coal resources to support. Mongolia and China railway line in Hunan is 304 kilometers length, passing through Yueyang, Huarong, Junshan and other 8 counties and the city of Liuyang Changsha, along the 22 stations. Among them, the Liuyang section of the total length of about 97 km, passing through the town of the 9 towns (streets), along the set of 8 stations. After the completion of the Mongolian railway, will fill the gaps in the city of Liuyang railway lines, for the Liuyang ‘two centers to build the country’s top ten’ to create the conditions. For Changsha and Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan region, which is undoubtedly a good opportunity for development." Liuyang city development and Reform Bureau official said. (Changsha evening news reporter Yan Kaiyun correspondent Luo Fangping, Yang Zhiqian)相关的主题文章: