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Looking for the next Unicorn: depth analysis of the three models of entrepreneurship AI – Sohu technology products, from soft to hard and hard to soft, this article will explore the pros and cons of these three models. The A.I. wave at the dazzling but only four possible landing direction: phonetic and semantic breakthrough lead voice interaction does eventually become possible; computer vision AR such mixed breakthrough LED display in real space and virtual space; computer vision make breakthrough to upgrade automation, automatic driving cars, the height of this robot automation products; provide a new data processing method of machine learning. The first three models can be divided into: product line, from soft to hard and from hard to soft. This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of the three models. The product of artificial intelligence startups we basically is the product line for having heard it many times, such as domestic go ask, Rokid robot, Savioke, foreign Jibo, Knightscope, Meta etc.. The fundamental feature of such start-up companies is to try to use artificial intelligence on the technical breakthrough, to create a new product with a new experience (with voice interaction or AR, etc.), and ran out of the beautiful sales curve. What is a beautiful sales curve? Perhaps it would look like the following: the sales curve beautiful means that the market of the new product that once started, after three years, the sales curve is doubled (may be higher than 2 times), rather than an annual increase of ten percent this kind of slowly increasing. On the other hand it means that these startups would decide in fact only three years. No matter how much you have done before, once you miss the three years, all the hard work may become worthless. How long will the market really start from the early market? No one knows, trend can be judged by logical deduction, but the specific start time is actually a shot in the dark. May be 1 years, it may be 2 years, or even 5 years, 10 years. The key point in such a way that all products are AI entrepreneurs to hold only two: in a clear prediction of the warm-up period length to make adequate preparations, including products, sales channels, production capacity etc.. Once the market started, then run out of the above sales curve. If the first did not do that, Luo and his hammer technology, if the second did not do it like some big companies, such as Motorola, what is missing is doing nothing but. If both are done, it will be a new unicorn. Here it must be emphasized that to achieve these two goals are really important is the product experience instead of advanced technology, that is to say this mode should be like Jobs can make good use of technology but not like Sergei Brin who can create technology. Even if all are others, but as long as it does not affect the user experience, it is not relevant, but actually because of this generation of AI entrepreneurs are very clever and overweeningly ambitious, they do not want to become pure assembly enterprises, so this kind of entrepreneurial companies are usually in the early.相关的主题文章: