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Low income households only eight thousand yuan of money cheated anxious trembling to Dutch act October 14th at 10 in the morning, who lives in Lake Village in Dongshan County Zhang Tang Zhen under low Lin Mingbo received a 171 at the beginning of the phone, the other told him, Zhangzhou Finance Bureau to be issued 3680 yuan of assistance to disabled people, through bank account transfer to he. Lin Mingbo, 66 years old, his wife suffering from mental illness for more than 20 years, the son also suffered from mental illness for more than 10 years, the village can know the name of the name of a few of his wife, Lin Mingbo. The person who called can actually say his wife’s name, coupled with that period of time, Lin Mingbo had heard of home care endowment collar, they mistakenly think that home care to send money to them. Lin Mingbo said that the other party to him to the bank and then to call him, the other party to wait until the bank no one to go in to prevent the password was known. So, Lin Mingbo in the bank, and so on, wait until the ATM that no talent. After entering the phone and call each other, in accordance with the requirements of the operation. "He said that by now I was in a daze, transfer, how to transfer? He said hurry up, here are a few people have not done it, today to do the last day, and then press down, and then I click on the fingers, the money turned away." Lin Mingbo said. After returning home, Lin Mingbo more think more wrong, he quickly returned to the teller machine to check the balance of the card, I did not expect 8650 yuan did not, only $600. He hastened to call each other, but the phone has been shut down. "At that time I was shaking the whole family, my family a few hundred dollars a month that is not enough to live, the family does not have income, I am expected to the elderly, but also to take care of the three disabled. I want to die, then died in vain, with a total of three people how to do?" Lin Mingbo’s sky suddenly fell down, but that is the only living expenses of the four of them. Lin Mingbo then the police, the case is under further investigation. Police remind the police to remind the masses, all require transfer, or provide bank card verification code as well as personal information, is likely to be fraud, the masses to improve awareness of prevention. After telecommunications, network fraud, to accurately record the liar account, account name, in addition, as soon as possible to call 110 or call the police to the nearest public security organs to report. Furthermore, timely and accurately and provide the liar account account name to the police, the public security organs to do an emergency stop. >相关的主题文章: