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Lu Yu, you and I have a relationship? The | Sina fashion column standard white rose Luyu Chen, is one of the most famous TV presenter at Chinese. Her celebrity interview, "Lu Yu," was hailed as "China’s most valuable TV show". She recently recorded "big coffee day" is also extremely popular. She has participated many major news programs, such as the return of Hongkong, the return of Macao, Millennium tour, the funeral of Princess Diana, the United States presidential election, 911 events, the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war etc.. Lu Yu’s excellent bilingual talent and flexible hosting style, as well as sensitive political tentacles, won her the East "Oprah" reputation, but also won the audience’s appreciation. But in appreciation, every time I see Lu Yu, the audience will inevitably be a sigh: "Lu Yu, really is too thin!" There is no doubt that in this era to lean to the United States, this is a slim woman especially female artist to show off, but in Lu Yu, has become the people concerns and criticism of the topic. Especially her legs and as thin as a pair of slender material to break the arm, is to give people a visual impact, shocking, Dunsheng compassion. When people think of Lu Yu, always first think of her as paper or skeleton like body, and the pin as a big head. See the person who is familiar with her, always ask: why is Lu Yu so thin? Even I also can not escape, a few days ago in the United States saw a spokesman of the original Phoenix TV, can not help but ask him the same question. He smiled and said: "why a lot of people have asked this question?" Coincidentally, in the latest issue of "Lu Yu about — big coffee day", guest Meng Fei also curious to ask Lu Yu: "it is said that you only eat a few grains of rice?" The result has been elegant her spot on the face a black, immediately pull down the face to vomit a way: "really give you this gang of people die, it is!" He said, in a few meals, and then to the camera a solemn statement: "see? Me, eat, rice!" Excuse to trouble Meng Fei quickly for her: "eat fat!" Then made a face. In fact, not long ago, "Qiang Qiang in the three of us are walking together" program, host Dou Wentao on behalf of the majority of Internet users asked Lu Yu: "Why are you so thin?" And that the community are very concerned about this topic. The results were also Lu Yu counterattack. She said: "I have been so thin for so many years." And said: "I don’t eat all the rumors come from Dou Wentao. Because once, Dou Wentao said in the program that Lu Yu only eat seven meters, since then, we all feel that I do not eat. "In fact, Lu Yu is too thin. Her height 164 cm, was thin to only 43 kg, no human arm withered. Why are you so obsessed with thin? Lu Yu explained that because she had read the novel writer Chi Li, said that if people do not eat very thin when very light. So like to bring the kind of thin sense of lightness. Some people say that Lu Yu has always felt a large head – not good-looking, slim down for a while – well, so it has maintained a thin state. But no matter Lu Yu)相关的主题文章: