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Luhan meritorious "Final Fantasy 15" has lost popularity Mobile Games [Sina video original unauthorized reprint] near the "Final Fantasy 15" release date, for the love of "Final Fantasy" series, or favorite host game player, this is a big event. The Oriental Pearl officially in November 15th with "Final Fantasy 15" micro-blog issued the first official account of micro-blog, "Final Fantasy 15" approval number has officially announced, as if all this indicates that once the state line version of the world’s first synchronized commitment is getting closer and closer to us. "Final Fantasy 15" "Final Fantasy 15" after the development of the past 10 years, in the last year as the final fantasy Versus 13, published, it is also a PS3, Xbox360, Wii generation. After a long period of time, Nicks never squaresoft released "news" Final Fantasy V13, many game player once thought the game has been canceled. Many years later, "Final Fantasy V13" became the "Final Fantasy 15" make only superficial changes, from the producer Tabata end, gave the project a second life. As for the death of the echo in the end has experienced many setbacks, we can make nothing of it. No matter SE official, or producer Tian Tianduan himself, of which after tight lipped. A lot of players were still in school ten years ago and are now working. "Final Fantasy 15" in addition to the "sequel" signs, this ten year wait for let this game has a special meaning for many people. This is a major event in the host game circles. There are a few days to let you wait for a game on sale in ten years, in fact, there is another official authorized by the SE, the final fantasy series of games on the micro-blog heavy news. This "Final Fantasy: the awakening" is SE based on Mobile Games "Final Fantasy zero" story "under the view of the world, than most of Final Fantasy IP" under the banner of the works, the pure blood. However, what makes this Mobile Games detonated on micro-blog is not "Final Fantasy", nor is it a pure blood, but because the star endorsement of the game luhan. According to the observation of video Jun, "Final Fantasy 15" the official micro-blog account in late November 15th 21:30 released the first micro-blog, as of press time close to 3000 times forward quantity, the main source of forwarding including SONY PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox official account, as well as domestic several major host game media. It can be said that the impact has basically covered most of the active console players on micro-blog. "Final Fantasy 15" the official micro-blog micro-blog influence basic coverage to the most active host game player on the other hand, "Final Fantasy: the awakening" Luhan endorsement news on the morning of November 16th 10:17 issued, as of press time has been close to 40000 times forward, Luhan fans accounted for this the forwarding of the vast majority of micro-blog. "Final Fantasy: the fans with the awakening" official micro-blog Luhan.相关的主题文章: