Ma Jing pirates in Bilbao Who is the red and white competitive

Ma Jing pirates in Bilbao? Who is the red and white "competitive" orthodoxy? The Bilbao athletics against Ma Jing this week in neither Europe nor the international match day. Compared to the domestic league cup, and comprehensively promote the process of Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries, only a king’s cup and a Catalonia cup of Spanish football is very lively, but many outside events frequently steal the spotlight. There Valencia "water bottle incident" not corpuscles, the other two Hao strong Bilbao and Atletico Madrid athletics is pile 100 years ago news launched a tear forced War theme is nothing, it is red and white striped shirt for their name in the "competitive" two characters and iconic. What is the cause of the Bilbao athletics on Monday held a meeting. In this part there are 400 members and officials attended the meeting, a member of the club will be allowed to suddenly ask why Atletico use many landmarks and their characteristics, such as name, color and logo. The club’s Board Secretary Alda Sarwar stood out, he rightly pointed out: "the" Sports "is a special sign, if the third party stole this sign, will be unable to imagine things." "We make the representative color, name and logo can be traced back to 1910, then Atletico have them themselves, both in peace after more than 100 years, the problem becomes more complicated." Alda Sarwar added. A remark, caused no small controversy. In fact, Atletico Madrid initially at Madrid’s Basque school by a group of people organized to express their support for the home, and in the first few years, has also been seen as a branch of Atletico Madrid in Bilbao "sports club" in madrid. In 1909, previously wearing a blue and white shirt because teams together to buy small episode in the process of change from Jersey, Jersey, wearing a red and white shirt, was responsible for the purchase of personnel in the UK, did not buy a Blackburn shirt, but with the Southampton shirt instead. Perhaps in Alda Sarwar’s surprise, his words caused a strong response to atletico. A "Los 50" Atletico fans will be the first response, confirmed that the club was first established with the Bilbao brotherhood. Ma Jing, President of the United States, also said: "this is not a matter of debate, there is nothing wrong with Atletico club. At the Calderon stadium, we shouted the slogan ‘Atleti’ instead of ‘Athletic’. Our club is made up of students from Bilbao are very proud." Rather than arguing, it is better to restore history. Bernardaud Salazar is an expert on Atletico well, for this controversy, he first confirmed that Ma Jing is a history created by students from Bilbao. In addition, he said that this group of students originally wanted to live on their own, but a young man named Eduardo de Aja in founding member of Bilbao in return for communication with the parent club, the final decision will be the new club as a branch of athletics club "in madrid. And in the same year, the same regulations P相关的主题文章: