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"Maintenance cafe" in Germany why so fire? Sohu – tourism volunteer Farnham to join the "maintenance cafe" not long, but has become a celebrity, let him "unique martial arts cheats" is to repair the vacuum cleaner. Figure: repaircafe 57 year old Klaver by virtue of the retired craftsman craft, was found in the volunteer team and invited into the maintenance cafe to play the waste heat, skilled he always orders continue. …… …… The maintenance of all walks of life gathered in the coffee shop, then "maintenance cafe" in the end is what kind of martial arts? Cafe "cafe maintenance maintenance" concept originated in Holland, is the founder of a Amsterdam journalist, is for the purpose of environmental protection and materials recycling, heat (idle) love (with) ring (not) Paul (things) the Germans soon joined the camp, and set off a new wave of in germany. The idea of "coffee shop" has just gone into Germany, and there are 4 "coffee shops" opened in Berlin. Figure repaircafe: the broken things brought from home, cafe in repair and maintenance of large coffee to enjoy the fun of the repair process. If you really don’t need anything to fix, you can enjoy a cup of coffee. In addition, you can also find the book in the cafe to repair some related books, get some inspiration from DIY. "Coffee shop" is more like a place for community activities. Each in his element, mutual benefit now, fix things this skill are rapidly lost, and have people to repair skills are not too many opportunities to display their fists. In the "maintenance cafe", they have a chance as long as they display skills to the full, please drink a cup of coffee, you can rest assured that the broken things into their hands. Figure: repaircafe, there seems to be nothing that can’t be repaired. In the repair shop, you can find all the materials and tools needed to repair, repair clothes, furniture, electronics, bicycles, pottery, toys, etc.. Of course, all areas of repair large coffee are also increasing in number, now the smart mobile phone repair has been added to the cafe "luxury package". Environmental protection and sustainable damaged goods are re used, which greatly saves the manufacturing of new products needed for energy and raw materials, but also greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, such as carbon dioxide produced in the recovery of old and new products of production. Figure: the rise of repaircafe’s "coffee shop" allows people to treat their goods in a new light and discover the value of these items once again. All in all, it’s an action to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly society. Small cafe, proud of the results of 200000kg carbon dioxide emissions are effectively reduced! Proud of the achievements! In the "maintenance cafe" annual report n相关的主题文章: