Man and others have conflicting ax to break the school to threaten the other son splitit

Man and others have contradictions axe to break school son threatened the other original title: his axe to the school gate to threaten each other son of Chinese daily news (reporter correspondent Yuan Xiaofeng Gao Meng) recently, Hanzhoung man Zhang because there are contradictions with people, then holding a high school entrance to the carpenter’s axe, trying to threaten each other to achieve the son. Blackmail each other the purpose of solving the problem. Fortunately, after school police, the police and the police promptly through investigations, proactively resolve the contradictions and disputes. October 19th 16 am, Hanzhoung City Public Security Bureau of Hantai town area police station received two miles high school police said one axe emotional man tried to break into the school, the school gate, very dangerous. After receiving the alarm, the police quickly rushed to the school. But after the police arrived at the scene did not find suspicious personnel, in order to eliminate hidden dangers, immediately visit the campus around. After the police investigation was informed that the axe man Zhang, because his wife in 2013 occurred in the construction team Moumou injury death, the two have not reached a consensus on the death compensation, then in October 19th 16 to Zhang Xu in middle school entrance to two broad axe, threat in the school’s Lee’s son, want to Moumou and stress to reach a compensation agreement. After understanding the situation, the police immediately contact Moumou, confirmed that his son has been safe to go home, and rushed to Zhang’s home, but did not find people. Police quickly informed Haruki and Zhang relatives, asking them to contact Zhang immediately to the police station for investigation. The next day at 6 am, Zhang learned that he had gone home, the police quickly rushed to Zhang’s home, it will be seized by the carpenter ax, Zhang will also be summoned to the police station for investigation. Upon inquiry, Zhang attempts to hold broad axe in front of the school’s threatening violations confessed. After the end of the investigation, the police move, because of the reason, pointed out that the serious disputes threaten the personal safety of others mistakes, and told Zhang and others could go to court to resolve compensation disputes, gradually untie the knot zhang. Subsequently, according to the People’s Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law, Zhang administrative punishment. Zhang said, very grateful to the police for his criticism and education, to accept the punishment of public security organs. He will be in accordance with the law to the court in accordance with the law to solve the problem, and to the public security organs to ensure that no longer threaten others. To remind the public security organs, personal disputes shall be resolved through legal channels, must not be emotional, cause irreparable consequences to themselves and their families. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: