Many American spy who continue to protest

Many American spy who continue to protest riots in the original title: the United States "spy trump" protests continue to Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter Liu Ping in the United States since Donald · after Trump was elected president, across the United States "spy trump" protests did not stop, sometimes accompanied by violence. Obama said he would not recommend the demonstrators to silence. Local time on November 8th, after a fierce, ugly election, Trump was elected the forty-fifth president of the United states. The next day, the United States broke out in New York, Losangeles, Oakland, Washington and other 30 cities and large-scale protests in 14 universities. The protesters shouted, "not I (we) President" black life is life "and other slogans, holding against Trump, Trump is a racist" "stop Trump, against the white supremacist" content such as signs, enraged. Some activities are also upgraded to riots. On the evening of 11, in Portland Oregon, with more than 4000 people attended the protest demonstrations soon after Trump was elected peace intensified, some people began to attack the police, smashed shops and burned cars, local police activities as riots. There are protesters smashed glass and arson, burning the American flag. Protests in Florida, Oakland, protesters burned Trump’s portrait, breaking the window of the Oakland news conference room, burning garbage, killing at least one person seriously injured. At the American University in Washington, there are students to burn the flag to protest the election results. For these protests, Trump’s attitude is cloudy and sunny. His first reaction was to condemn. The evening of November 10th, Trump published tweets, said: just completed a very open and successful presidential election. Now, the pro media protesters are demonstrating. That’s not fair!" The next day, his attitude changed, said he admired the enthusiasm of the protesters. 11, in the morning, Trump again tweets: (I) like a small group of protesters last night to express the fact that patriotic enthusiasm. We will all be united and proud of it." Since November 14th, the geographical scope of the protests have been reduced, but there are still many demonstrations and petitions on campus, violent scenes are still staged. The 15 day in Washington, there are hundreds of students involved in the strike demonstrations, from the city centre by Capitol Hill marched to the White House, Trump was elected to protest. 16, 2009, in California, Santiago, a high school students in the ranks of hundreds of demonstrators, there is a demonstration of the students playing boxing hit the police head. Trump’s campaign director, · Conway, called on President Barack Obama and the general election in the wake of his rival, Mr. Hilary, to condemn the demonstrators, as well as the president of the United States, who was a member of the house of Representatives. Mr.. 16 Conway said, "these demonstrations are just some complaining and crying". Trump, a popular candidate for the post of secretary of state of the state government and former mayor of New York, ·, said that the protesters were "goons and thugs" by Mr Giuliani, who is now a member of the". Hilary apparently did not respond to Conway’s call, but called on her 62 million supporters, "Peng相关的主题文章: