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UnCategorized The means for a business to .e in is through marketing. .panies that may have a good product but cannot translate it to a correct market may not be successful, and wind up closing shop. In business, there is what you would term as a calculated risk. This means that with all the knowledge and factors of your given market, the chance of making a profit is the calculated risk. Gambling is just hoping on the odds without knowing the out.e, business is not meant to be a game of luck. A healthy .pany would at least spend 20% of its in.e on marketing. If not for this high amount, the .pany would not be earning as much as it would. Market research is an old concept that tries to analyze how a consumer would react to a certain product, their preferences, and how much they would spend for it. These are what surveys are for; they give you an idea on how much you would be able to profit out of a particular product. A problem that marketers usually face is the agreement on the scope. Having data is not wrong, too much of it for what you require may not translate to being effective. You also have to consider the time and cost in collecting the data and if it will pay off. That is why a plan for marketing has to be well conceived so that the returns can pay for the expense as well as make a profitable in.e. Try fashioning a screening process to eliminate unnecessary data. This will be like a pre-selection of data for your actual survey. Once you have narrowed this down and feel that you have all the pertinent items that you need, then you can now develop your survey form to best suit your target market. This process can save money in terms of exposure as well as expenditure without initiating the product into the market yet. There are a lot of .panies that do not realize this until the feedback from actual sales has .e back, usually in the form of lost opportunities and the wrong market. There are also cases wherein you are launching a new product that has still not been conceived by the market. These are called trend businesses. It is difficult to presume the out.e of the products that these businesses carry because they give irregular results. But when it captures the market, it skyrockets in demand. On the downside, it also plummets severely when the novelty of it has gone. These are cases where market surveys are hard to predict. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: