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Web-Development Marketing is relevant for any website as is in the case of any brick and mortar store. Also, marketing is an ongoing process, results may not be evident in a couple of weeks. However, marketing efforts will start bearing fruits in the form of greater internet traffic to the website over a span of 2-3 months. The success of any marketing campaign may be tracked through the number of online visitors to the website. The below mentioned methods may be used by online marketers for drawing greater Internet traffic to the website. 1. Email Signatures: Create customized email signatures with logo, URL address of the website. 2. Internet Forums: Post articles in Internet forums. Always mention the URL address of the website. 3. Blog: Create a blog in the relevant field. Mention the website URL and name as much as possible. This also increases the search engine rankings of the website. 4. Catalog/Brochures: Include the URl of the website in any catalog and brochures being used by the website. 5. Social Media: Use social media such as YouTube, twitter, facebook and LinkedIn to maintain online presence and mention the URL of website. 6. Job Postings: Post jobs to Craigslist etc with the URL of the website. 7. Branding: Get a customized appealing logo to your website. Include it in email signatures and use a hyperlink to link it to the URL of website. 8. Business Cards: Include the URL of your website on the business cards. In the internet age, online presence is as important as real presence. For bearing thought to be kept in mind is that marketing is an ongoing process, and must be used continuously to drive traffic to website. The results may not show immediately say in a time period of 1-2 weeks, however will always show over the longer run. Always measure the success of the marketing campaign, in terms of increased revenue and online traffic to the website. By- Ajay Sharma E: [email protected] W: .webtreetechnology../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: