May the winter window from exposure morata with Real Madrid Chelsea and Arsenal man (video)-ricky lee neely

May the winter window from the exposure of discontent with Morata Chelsea of Real Madrid A Senna grab [] J Ronaldo goal accurate biography Morata header lore Morata dissatisfied with the BBC bombing byoyomi press sports news from the British Tencent in September 30th "the sun" news, Real Madrid striker Morata (data) for oneself are very worried about the future at Bernabeu, he is interested in another winter window home, and Premier A Senna (data) and Chelsea (data) are intended to recruit Morata to join, but Real Madrid in the two future transfer window signings cannot, therefore, may not be put on the Spanish Zidane local striker. The Turin club (official data) Tucci, Morata made 93 appearances in all competitions, scoring 27 goals in the 2014-15 season, the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid in the two round of the tournament, Morata has scored, it strengthened his determination to repurchase real madrid. This summer, the Milky Way ships spent 30 million euros to repurchase morata Hesse, and was sold to Paris Saint germain. In fact, efficiency goals, morata is not a prolific striker, currently in return for Real Madrid, he made 6 appearances in the league, only scored 1 goals, play in general. Although morata in La Liga before the 6 round of the first 4 appearances and 2 substitute appearances, but it should be noted that the current C Ronaldo, Benzema and Baer have got rid of the injuries, three members of the BBC combination will become Zidane in this season’s first choice, but it may not be able to get satisfactory morata time. In fact, this is not an accident, before he returned to Real Madrid, Morata had had similar concerns. "The sun" said morata intends to find another way out, which caused the Premier League interest, Arsenal and Chelsea two teams are planned in the winter window for the striker. In fact, this summer, Wenger and Conti also expressed interest in morata, once there is news that Chelsea sent 70 million euros offer for the Spanish, but Real Madrid did not put people, Chelsea plan did not succeed. At present from the winter window open more and more close, Chelsea and Arsenal have rekindled morata pursuit of ideas, do not know this time if Madrid put people. Although morata is not the main team, but Real Madrid in the 2017 transfer window and window to summer signings, Floren Valentino even willing to sale morata, I’m afraid Zidane would not agree. (Brooke)相关的主题文章: